Do subliminals work?


Has anybody here ever used subliminals to alter things like lip size, eye color, hair texture, face shape etc, I get tons of mixed answers!


I didn’t but some ppl did… Please see below :slight_smile:

Also in the future you may find a lot about that topic or any topic just by using search.


sorry, your right lol


Yes, I have experienced lots of successes with subliminals.


any changes that involve genetics?


I haven’t, just physical changes.


Yes, they work for those whom did not discovered how to let Lucifer fall into being Satan. And command, not being commanded from any source.
In other words, those who don’t know yet their subsconscious mind and how to consciously using it.


so basically if you can’t control your subconscious mind, it works?




well shoot, I’m in the clear then, I can barely control my conscious mind


what do you mean with take lucifer be satan iam not understanding this


i have tried subs but they never worked for me


maybe you can control your subconscious mind


Sure there are ways . :slight_smile:
You may like the book "Power of your Subconsious Mind " by Joseph Murphy; there are some answers there, that would be useful to you.


How can I know if IAM controlling my subconscious