Do spirits of dogs have the ability to possess another dog?

I have reason to Believe that my dog has possessed another dog!

The dog is named blue he is exactly like my dog that I had to put down. I just met him a few day’s ago. He’s just like my dog

I understand that it could be a coincidence that this dog is exactly like my dog. So we don’t need to discuss that it’s not my dogs spirit that possessed this dog.

I’m not in grief I am not in denial that she’s dead! I am fully conscious and am not lying to myself out of need of comfort!

I am doing extremely well and I don’t cry about anything! My mentality is great I sleep great, I eat great. nothing is making me think that it’s my dog when it’s not.

I just need to know if dog spirits have the power to possess another dog

So can dogs possess other dogs?

You need to be a little clearer. Are you speaking for forced possession or reincarnation?

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Definitely forced possession he’s an older dog and is a big dog so it’s definitely not an reincarnation

So is it possible blue was possessed by my dog?

If my dog possessed blue it’s so I would know what my path is to go with right hand path.
Instead of left hand path

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I do not think they have the intelligence to do that


Could be a “walk-in.” Look that up, it’s a thing some humans claim to be able to do, animals have powerful and wise Higher Selves, the same as humans.

Sounds more like reincarnation than possession to me.

From my work with animal Devas my current view of how they incarnate is different than humans though. An overarching Deva or Spirit of the animal species generates an aspect of itself that will incarnate, but is not necessarily on it’s own a sovereign entity. This is combined with the animal shell which has it’s own base intelligence. So there are multiple layers that can behave differently out of body.

So, an animal spirit can return to the Deva after death, in a lower refraction of “returning to source” or be reincarnated. Because of this mechanism, the aspects can be merged and split further.
This merging happened to two of my cats, that after death the personality of the cats started to show up in my remaining cat. Other layers manifested astrally.

Thus it’s possible for an animal that dies to merge with another animal spirit as well as incarnating on it’s own. It’s not like possession where two spirits exit separately in one body and one controls the other. It’s just that incarnating is more complicated than a one-on-one match for animals, especially when you get to herds, litters, hives and networks.

In case you were wondering, each human is effectively it’s own Deva (most of the time) under this paradigm. Here you can get a one-on-one relationship, one body to one spirit fairly reliably. But we’re not as separate as it looks.


In some celtic lore if a animal develops enough to give some semblance of their own personality they move on to the otherworld and can either reincarnate or become a guide and reside in the upper world.

However if they don’t they are recycled through the earth’s leylines to “try again” could also be a walk-in case/latch on case.

Yeah she did reincarnate this dog is 2 years old I call him by his real name and he listens better and I played with him with her toy and he dropped the toy when I said to drop it it’s definitely my dog

Her name is blue in this reincarnation and He doesn’t play with anybody accept for me I moved in this house a few days ago and I’ve noticed they are the same accept for being 2 years old having 2 year old energy

I taught my dog to drop the toy when I say and she still needs to be taught things that I taught her before some things she remembers and she needs me to teach her how to sit and shake

I was told by orobos that my dog didn’t reincarnate but she did he threatened me if I don’t follow his rules then my dog will reincarnate again which he lied and I’ve come to find out that he has lied about other things too my dog died in 2018 and this dog is 2 years old and has her personality accept for the intense energy since she is 2 years old In this reincarnation

Alright I discovered that blue actually is my dog I played pig with her and she dropped the pig when I said to drop it only my dog would know to drop it I taught her to drop it before she died

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Aww, that must be nice knowing blue is ok. :slight_smile: