Do sigils need to be perfect?

When you are tracing, or especially freehanding sigil, how important is it for the sigil to be very clean and neat? I am horrible at making my sigils look nice and don’t want to disrespect the spirits by any means.


No, they do not need to be perfect. As long as they look like they are supposed to, they will work.


nope, but good yeah

Here’s the truth of it. The sigil is for you not the spirit. The purpose of the sigil is to align your mind with that of the spirit. Almost 99% of the things we do in ritual has nothing to do with the spirit and everything to do with your own psyche. You are the one reaching out and the sigil is for your benefit in achieving that. It gives you something to focus your conscious mind on and simultaneously gives your subconscious mind an address to dial into. If you want to get technical, you could contact King Paimon with a couple of wavy lines drawn on toilet paper with crayola crayon. Because it’s only really your mind that contacts him and everything else is just to help you get in the zone. Or in the right mindset for the work you are doing.


They don’t need to be perfectly neat, just make sure all the details are accurate and the sigil isn’t distorted in any way.

i.e. Dumbo’s Feather, to put things another way.
Still, the act of effort shoves your intent forward. Hence my delving into the differences between the Norse Vegvisir examples and trying to find out why they might be different as each stave position and their lines in a galdrstafir are alleged to have specific meanings.


Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

As part of the act is to concentrate on drawing the sigil in a pleasing way for yourself and to add to your confidence that you are ‘doing it right’.

While it might not be essential to get everything picture perfect, if you generally like to cross all the 't’s and dot all the 'i’s then this method will help get a self drawn sigil with all the lines and squiggles in place.

To add to what some said above: YOU have to be satisfied with how it looks. If a line that’s supposed to be straight and you have curved it (or whatever) and YOU are going to be distracted and annoyed by it then it will take you out of it.
That’s why I make mine on the computer. People will say that’s not authentic or whatever, but for me that’s the best option.