Easy, neat way to draw a sigil

I found a nice easy way to draw sigils that I would like to share.

No printer involved and if you take a little care then this can turn you into a real artist. Well, maybe not but…

What I have started to do is to rest a piece of ordinary printer paper, cut to size, on my laptop where the screen hinges so that it stands up against the screen. The bottom edge of the paper keeps it squared up.

Then position the web page so that the sigil is in the middle of the piece of paper.

:eyes: Look how the light coming from the screen allows the sigil to be clearly seen through the paper :slightly_smiling_face:

Then simply hold the paper in place and draw over the outlines with a pencil.
Don’t use a marker pen or the ink might ruin your screen :woman_facepalming:

What you end up with is a neatly hand drawn sigil all in proper proportion that took next to no time to make and is your own personal work, shakey, wobbly lines in all which makes it even more of your own.

Of course, you can go over your new piece of art afterwards with whatever colours or ink that you want but what you will have is a very nice quick sigil with no guess work on how swoopy that swoopy bit should be or how many of those triangles/circles are there.

It seems an obvious thing to do and maybe others already do it this way but if not then I hope someone finds it useful :slightly_smiling_face:


Great idea.
I can see some laptop screens getting damaged though. Would highly recommend get a clear acrylic perspex sheet to place over the top to protect the laptop.
Can get them pretty cheap of eBay.

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Oh yes, good point and glad you liked it.
When I tried it first time I wondered if it might scratch but it didn’t harm my screen. Yes, different screens are made of different stuff and I wouldn’t want anyone to damage their screens.

Care should be taken but you don’t really have to push too hard with the pencil. A light touch is all you need just to get the impression onto the paper and when done, you can go over it again on a more suitable surface.

Either that or do like SHaDoWSToRM suggested and get some perspex - good idea !!

Or see if you can find a suitable picture frame and take the backing off, reclip the glass in safely and you can even sticky tape the paper on the glass. Hey presto. Lay that on your laptop, tablet or phone.

The best part is that you can get an accurate drawing with all the details in the right place nice and quick :slightly_smiling_face: well, if you want to lol.

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