Do mirrors harm your godhood?

This may sound like a weird question but I have been thinking about this for a while now.
Mirrors “ground” us to this reality. By gazing upon yourself, you eliminate all possibility of physical change IF you choose to identify with your reflection.
This could mean that you develop a strict self-belief and therefore block your path towards ascension.
Reflections can very easily destroy the idea of the fluidity of energy and replace it with the idea that you are unchangeable matter.
This could harm those who want to learn how to shapeshift.

What are your thoughts on this? I am not sure if what I say even makes sense, so feel free to share your thoughts with the community.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Something like that I sometimes feel so this is not such a strange question.

Depends how you use mirrors, they are just tools. It’s your decision to set your intention in “strict self belief”. If that’s not what you want, it’s not the mirror’s fault. The mirror doesn’t “harm” or “destroy” anything by itself, you have to let it.

It doesn’t bother me, and when I’m working on changes it reinforces the energy to see the changes in the mirror.

Depends on the shapeshifting… Astral shapeshifting won’t be seen in the mirror unless you have developed your clairvoyance. What I do I don’t even call shapeshifting, I consider it a form of healing.

Physical shapeshifting is a lot harder than merely believing you changed into a different form. The mirror isn’t what’s stopping that from happening.

If you will is already weak so that you are discouraged by the physical reality you want to change, then you just aren’t changing that reality and you need the feedback to try something else or do more. Hiding your head in the sand won’t fix that.

But yes at the same time if mirrors bring out negativity and doubt, stay away from them.


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That was a very nice and detailed answer. Thank you for that. That definitely cleared up some confusion on my part :slight_smile:

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Mirrors can help with ascension particularly shadow work. Mirror gazing is enlightening imo

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A mirror is just a mirror. A reflection is just a reflection. Just my opinion lol

But mirrors are useful

Mirrors are shiny or reflective physical objects, so naturally I’d be alarmed if it didn’t let me retain my godhood. May i ask what’s the point of ascension if it can’t help you identify it with the person the mirror shows to you?

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If you believe a mirror can hurt you, oh yes it will hurt you bad.

If not… it’s just a mirror.

Choose to be powerful through having a powerful mindset. Whatever holds you back should be discarded.

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Mirrors may help with some things: bounce off curses (if there is any), concentration on third eye (look at between your eyebrows) and magick, in fact you may project your energy towards the mirror in order to reach a goal or manifest a summoned spirit.


You can see them…in the mirrors…your ancestors.
Mirrors are powerful gazing tools because they allow you to communicate with every single member of your DNA line going back to the very first human and the future human from your loins. As an actor, mirrors are amazing for exploring character. How will you know you shape-shifted if you don’t use a mirror? (that’s meant to be humor).

A common misconception is that mirrors ground us to reality, but mirrors do not show real reality as it is. Mirrors are a reflection. It’s a distortion. And just like electronic distortions can be used to “hack”, you can use mirrors as portals to every single protein in your DNA that has evolved from a single-cell amoeba from before God said “Let there be light”.

Some people actually believe what they see in mirrors is actual reality. That’s the story of Narcissus – what happens when you believe in an illusion. So if we live in a world of emanations, what could a “pre-emantion” of a mirror be? Could it be that when the first human stared into it’s Mother’s eyes and saw itself reflected back to its self from the Mother’s actual eye-ball…could it be that that was the moment it imprinted itself that it existed outside of itself? Could it be that what we see as “reality” in general is also a distortion (since our eyes are also mirrors)? You are reading this message in your head, with a voice you generated in your own head. You don;t know what I sound like or if this is even my real typing style. But somehow, these words, coming fro a screen, have transformed into a voice in your head that’s speaking to you from inside. More than that, its lighting up certain thoughts in your mind and creating a “feeling”. So we’ve gone from mirrors to distortions to words to feelings. So what does this clue tell us about reality? That’s it’s ALL a mirror. The voice in my head giving me these words is the same voice in your head reading them out. This is a mirror – what we’re doing right now. Everything is. So keep gazing in.

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That is probably among the best answers I have ever received on a topic (no offense to others of course). Thank you for that

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Because its a reflection of one of the best questions you’ve ever asked for a topic (no offense to your other questions). It’s a pleasure :wink: