Do I have a curse on me?

I was wondering if anyone can look and see?

This is something I’ve wondered off and on for something like 30+ years - and then I set it aside. I DO do things to “break the curse” from time to time, and then the problem starts up as if it comes right back. Events of the recent couple of months have me wondering again.

Or maybe I’m just paranoid.

Did “see” an entity come to visit 2 nights ago. (I get visits often.) This one had long hair and a kabuki like face, and he was grinning. He had large horns, and from his neck down was like netting or a really bad shaggy cloak. I asked him who he was. He refused to answer, but chose to sort of melt away into his shaggy cloak as he left.

So just wondering, cuz… if there is one I’d like it to go away. Invisibility ain’t all THAT!


Just do an uncrossing ritual.

I used to get those types of thoughts, did readings that said no but the psychological aspect and the thoughts in the back of your head stay there.

Simple ritual before bathing got rid of all of that.
It’s about that piece of mind.


One decent way to help kinda like @Laith_wavey said But my recommendation is take a shower and imagine negative black and brown guck just rolling off of you while you shower and keep doing so till your body is a brilliant white light


I know that entity.

I’ve never heard anything about it in relation to curses, but an acquaintance of mine saw it as a child. Many years later his younger brother accidentally killed his youngest brother. Thus I suspect its role in things is as a harbinger of profound tragedy.


Thanks, guys!!

I do do “decordings” as you describe often. It’s just sometimes it’s like there’s a bubble over me to stop certain things. Or an invisibility cloak. For example, when I did that money request and my table neighbor got the results. My roommate pointed out that I can’t seem to ever cast spells on or for myself, and I was like, “Oh. Oh yeah.”

I recently went to, well, sort of like a job interview. Although I was very very much liked,I was also passed over. (No, really. VERY liked.) Now, some of that was a clique environment. Friends got the “job” - so that I feel my time was being wasted by trying. And the rest is, well, there’s a lot going on with that. I won’t bore you guys with that.

My future and plans actually depends on being sparkly and being noticed. But I spend a lot of my time being made to feel it’s like I’m not there at all when this comes up, or that people’s perceptions of me are being twisted.

Or, when I am noticed in a good way, those that take me on or try to get involved suffer terrible, terrible bad luck and things are essentially killed by bad circumstance.

Getting tired of that in my old age, you see. I decord, I “detox”, I do unbindings, break curses, beg for assistance in being attractive, you name it. Speaking positive things? I’ve gotten VERY good at it. Got an instagram dedicated to it, even. And for the most part over the years I’ve made some success. There’s just this… block sort of. When I look in the mirror I can “see the sparkles” and no bad is there. In fact of late - praise those that are helping!!! - I’ve seen some serious improvements in regards to what I’m doing. And I shine like nobody else can - trust me on that one - but what the hell with the glass over this rose. /endrant

I’ll do another shower ritual tonight.

I’d like to know more about this entity. I’ve seen him now - and I could tell he didn’t care for that too much - and I happen to know I can “reach out and grab him”. But before I do, is there more about him anywhere I can look at? I’m not blaming him necessarily, but… well, he DID step into my sphere of attention…

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Usually my go to with unknown spirits


OOOh, this reminds me of something my father did when I was very young. He just… touched the thing and trapped it into a stone. Never forgot it. It’s not hard to trap a spirit, really. But it’s sometimes good to know what you’re stepping up against first.

Just call upon help if you don’t trust yourself I trapped a spirit probably about as strong as a Goetia knight and an angel before

But call on Michael for protection and King Paimon he’s the one who taught me in the first place

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