Do demons care if you’re suicidal?

What I mean is, is it a bad idea to confide in a demon about my feelings? Or is there a demon to help me change my mind?


Doubt they care …why would they seeing how they have eternal life … But sucide is not the way! would not even think it.


Actually they do care i’d go with demons that are more councilor figures. There are a few out there also maybe look into shadow work and writting the issues you need sort out in a diary to discuss with said demon/god.

I did so with Lilith. So no reason you can’t with who ever reaches out to you.


Why should they? (A serious question, it’s not meant as harsh as it appears. Just can’t really wrap my mind around it since a lot of people die on a daily basis out there and one can’t probably mourn each and every single follower/comrade/whatever for thousands and thousands of years that have passed)

But! I think that there might be demons out there which would support your goal into not giving up. But I hardly doubt that a demon would “talk you out” of your plans. Are there any people around you can share your thoughts with? (I know, this is a forum for “cast a spell here” and “evoke something there” but your problem sounds way too urgent to rely on lit magic alone)


Hey @Brittany,

I agree with @kiss-lamia-lilith. Maybe you can even evoke Lilith. She really cares, sometimes like a mom would.

I can advise you healing also with Angels. If interested shoot me a PM. Lilith can help you with working on yourself, loving yourself.

Take care


They care. Mainly because if youre dead, all the work that youve done up to this point goes away and then they have to wait till you reincarnate, get interested in occult, develop your skills again, contact them and so on (with some exceptions and other specific circumstances).
Also, believe it or not, demons who watch over you, actually want you to be in a good place. Once connection is made, they are always there to help you, albeit, not always in ways you expect. Reason for that, is because they love human potential and once you start working with them, they view you as an equal: an ally, a friend, a brother/sister.

So in short they do care, even if their reasoning is not as straight forward as we would like.


Yes, they do care, although that depends would a stranger really care about some guy halfway across the world that hanged himself, truly probably not, but your close family would probably give a fuck if they’re aware of your suicidal tendencies.

Point is, show your worth and the Infernal will care.


you fear a demon might talk you into it instead of out of it?

I have had suicidal thoughts a few times tbh, I think many people have at some point in their life
I know it’s not something you can really talk about face to face with friends, it’s a difficult topic and life can be pretty shit at times.

might give some sort of relief if you talk to a demon you trust, have communicated with prior.
sometimes just putting words on how it feels can help, instead of bottling it up


They do not feel “eternal life” is all that.
They would definitely care, specially any she works with.

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Never had one talk me or rather dream thought me to believe suicide is an option. That said, challenges and obstacles pile up in my life like crazy.

For instance, I’m on disability for various reason. I have shit work history, NO credit, my address is basically homeless (I do visit some places and help my disabled parents). My body is a wreck, currently my right foot big toe feels broken or disjointed or w/e so my main method of transport is pretty fucked. My best bike is destroyed so I’m using a rather crummy bike but it works.

My parents can’t leave their property as no transport and no driver (cabs arefriggin expensive). They haven’t been able to shop for groceries for 2 months or check the mail and state food stamps and health care is demanding a bank statement by the 15th but it doesn’t come until the 19th.

Dad, is always in pain from removed vertebrae in back not just a disc. He has severe digestive issues as well and is in constant pain. Ma is in a similar boat but lesser degree of cracked back bones, broken foot, damaged knees. Severe hoarders, and well the place is like a dump.

My sister hates them both and is very upfront on that hatred. My successful brother says they gave up in life and deserve what they get.

So, I take the brunt of my parents frustration time and time again but I tend to forgive them. I’m broken as hell and have little faith in goodness. Prices continue to rise and cost of living gets worse. Google USA poverty line. I’m so far below it should be another category. I get denied appointments by apartments due to my credit etc. my tribe is a fucking flame and screened up my only possible appointment. Tribe has a casino but they won’t hire me for even the lowest jobs: busboy, dishwasher, janitor, parking lot cleaner, server, laundry, attendant, etc. Nope. They say positions filled. When I recheck online… hah the positions are not filled. And when I threatened to kill my self the health care of state and tribe didn’t even flinch… THEY DONT CARE!

Like an article states… some 99.99% of the human populace doesn’t know you exist more cares about you.

I have a paid phone… my own luxury until my brother says… “FUCK YOU LOSER!” And shuts it off.

Will he? Dunno, depends how pussy whipped to his Thai wife he is. She’s vindictive and Scrooge to money to those she seems worthless.

So… I failed in life, work, relationships, health, religion, military, education, and existing period.

That all said… it could be worse. Sure I think of biking headlong into a log or gravel truck in a slumber party of death. Sure I hope the store is attacked by some fuck nut with a sawed off shotgun to split my guts in 1/2. Eh… it’s fucking life and I curse at OMNI each and every day. I challenge the fucker and all spirits for that matter. And when I’m fucking dead…


Don’t matter if a 0% chance of anything happening. I don’t care. And that’s what my life is.

This evolution of soul, eternal love, heaven, reincarnation, etc shit is crap imho. And I think like humans… spirits do t give a fuck about individuals they aren’t interested in.

So is your life that shitty? Worse? Spill the beans.


If you feel this way, identify what it is that is causing the feeling and cultivate a relationship with a Demon that can help get rid of that problem.
If it is an abusive partner, Lilith is female power I believe.My friend uses her with great success . If it is financial, Bune has never failed me.
I do think certain ones would care, they can be very protective of people they ‘like’.


So it’s basically hating life to the point where you want to get revenge on existence itself? Sorry for your situation. It’s surely a huge pile of crap.

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My experience mirrors what others have said about the Demons caring once you have made a connection. There is a reason why so many sorcerers have so much love for Lilith and Lucifer. In my experience, if you feel drawn to the darkness and demons, it’s because you have a home among them. When I meditate on the darkness and the dark divine, I feel an almost overwhelming love.

Look up experiences on this forum to see if any of the 72 Goetia spirits resonate with you. Also do some research into the dark gods and goddesses. Lilith and Tiamat are both maternal deities. You can’t go wrong just wanting to have a conversation with them, assuming you approach with respect and honesty.


For me it Always comes down to the age old question of “why do I exist when I never gave permission to be created which spawns the paradox of how can you give permission when you don’t exist.”

I stated my versions of true original sin committed by the creator of all. Basically existing and creating is horrible to the void which is something but should be nothing.

I also don’t believe any being can truly destroy the existence of anything.

They can possibly:

  1. Imprison
  2. Hide/deceive
  3. Bribe
  4. Punish
  5. Separate to smaller parts
  6. Relocate
  7. Or do nothing

On an infinite eternal a bit of x,y,z will exist. I’ll get opinions I’m wrong on utter annihilation but I don’t see how since x,y,z exists. It does therefore I can’t not be.

Suicide might end your life but not your existence in some form. And it might end up worse or better. The only guarantee is you’ll exist.

@Keighn , Depression and suicidal thoughts happen. Even to the most advanced magicians, I kinda think stress and low moods is part of being human… Both rich, poor, successful, failures etc… Everyone gets low mood at times.

Reasons are,

  1. Low Bioelectricity, low energy, lack of prana
  2. Dirty Aura…
  3. Attacks from the astral plane. (Believe me when I say that not every entity/spirit wants humans to evolve)
  4. Attacks from earth enemies, if you were a Christian (prayers from ex fellow Xians can fuck Up your life completely)
  5. Cleansing process of your psyche, spirit, soul, mind, … You are spiritually cleansing yourself and it comes with so much negativity or pain that Leads to depression.

How to overcome this is to know the problem. What do you think is the main cause? and work against it. But Generally You can solve your problems by cleansing your Aura, meditating with consistency, Abstain from Orgasming for a while it helps to boost up prana/Bioelectricity, and perform banishing rituals to chase away negative spirits, And build an aura of protection.

Lastly I am gonna be hard on you. To be honest the LHP is not all butterflies and rainbows, it is hard very hard, this is where the strong survive the weak… Suck it up brother, be strong, if you succeed in this lifetime to achieve power, freedom, Godhead,… You will be forever powerful, but if you kill yourself and end your sojourn in this lifetime You will be again born only to face worser conditions… Don’t be fooled by the other humans who are experiencing greatness in this lifetime, my friend they were not lucky they worked hard during past lifetimes to achieve such a state of abilities, they are not given things freely they worked to achieve them so work work work on your Soul… SUCK IT UP. YOU ARE NOT WEAK, YOU ARE STRONG. YOU CAN MAKE IT IN THIS LIFETIME. YES YOU CAN.


Yeah, I got some help with the same issue from higher level beings. Definitely they will help you, but be aware that not every being is your friend/ally, being them angels/demons/bla bla bla. Also it will really help you to evolve as an individual (which means that you will get out from your actual situation-being suicidal) if you will find the entity which represents you and has the same vibes/vibrations as yours and you will start working with that being frequently.


Depends on the demon imo. If they like you somewhat, then I’m sure they would care. I’d talk to King Paimon, since he’s really gentle and a master of persuasion.

Do seek out a therapist if you’re feeling suicidal though. Or a suicide hotline. Trust me, I’ve been suicidal in the past, and I know it’s not the way out. I’ve also encountered ghosts that have killed themselves and they were nothing but miserable.


It’s not a bad idea unless you expect certain answers will not be for your highest good, then you might get lesser entities masquerading as the higher daemons tell you that to play with you. Then wait to ask until you have the skills/techniques to check who’s who.

Or is there a demon to help me change my mind?

Do you want your mind changed? Or do you want the obstacles in your way removed so you can enjoy your life?
You are sovereign, you are the daemon to change your mind. Most people incarnated for a reason, lessons to learn, a job to do, and you already put a lot of work into this life. If you haven’t already achieved what you wanted, you may just reincarnate in similar circumstances to do it all again. You got this far, it’s sometimes better to take the "the only way out is through" approach.

They might have a personal interest, especially if you’re working on a multi-life relationship, and/or agreed with them before incarnating that you were going to work on something together. In this case it’s like asking why your date should care if you stand them up.

Death is only a transition, it may not even change that much, but it’s your choice… I think it’s worth trying to figure out why you’re here before making a decision, it could have a big impact on your spiritual journey, and as you know, we don’t get a lot of info to work with here, and making big decisions based on partial information doesn’t usually work out well.


Some of them might care a little but most(Like Belial and Azazel)will let you die if you are not strong enough to keep yourself alive and fight the weakness inside of you,than you deserve to die in their eyes