Do demons care if I tell people I know about my magickal practices?

It would be hilarious, I mean I’ve been thinking about it. I have a pastor I know. he’s a Christian pastor. I really wanna tell him about my dark magic practices and experiences.
I’m sure he’s gonna he scared for my life and surprised etc.
In your practices with demons do demons care or are they like have fun?


I think it depends on the demon and the particular information. Speaking a name gives power to them so in a way it could be beneficial for them but it really depends.

Could telling someone about it put a demon in danger from angels?

It’s your practice not theirs, if they specifically tell you to not do it if it involves them then maybe but generally no.

If you have a pastor, does that mean your parents make you go to church?

In that case, I’d hold off - you don’t know how he’ll spin it and what he’ll tell your parents. It might come out as “your son’s in real trouble and suicidal” and convince them to take you to therapy, or give you a curfew, cut you off from friends, or generally make your life miserable.

Even if you’re independent, I recommend thinking through the possible worst case scenario consequences first. People suck and will do awful things to you and feel like they’re the good guys doing it. Don’t give them the ammo.

After that, I’m a proponent of the adage: ‘no pearls before swine’. He doesn’t deserve to know.

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Demons don’t really care.

And, if he Pastor is a Fundamental christian type, or anyone that knows about Demonology and Binding and Casting out Demons, he might start praying for you, and, have the Church praying for you and throwing ‘their’ psychic energy at you to coerce you ( psychically ) into giving up the Demons, and turning from the Occult.
Many of these pastors will also preach “hell fire and damnation” at you for your practices. ( I know ).
““You couldn’t cast it out… She wants that Demon and if she wants it, she can have it.”” Jesus to Kenneth Hagin, ( dead christian pastor, died of old age. )
So, they might not be able to cast the Demon out of you if you want it, but, they can possibly make your life a living hell, preaching at you and praying for you.
Then again, maybe this pastor will consider you a ‘‘lost cause’’ and leave you alone. Many do that.
I personally would keep silent.

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The psychic energy they throw at me wouldn’t work.
Christians already piss me off with there bible talk. I can’t be in a church without judging everyone. I’ve thought about summoning demons going to a church and proving there god isn’t on there side with physical force

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Some of the christian churches, especially the fundamental and pentecostal “revival” church have christians with members that have quite advanced psychic abilities and kundalini energy activated to quite a high degree. ( They call this energy and ability, “The Anointing of God” ).
They can direct some high energy at you, and 10 people against 1, just like physical combat, is something to consider.
You will not encounter this in most churches, but they are out there.