Do all dreams have a meaning?

With a bit of thought I can understand the meaning of most dreams, whereas other dreams tend to be a recollection of what I did recently, slightly altered but I can see why I dreamed those.

Now… There are some dreams whose meaning I do not see/understand nor they are things I did recently, they seem pretty mundane and meaningless, is this the case or ALL dreams have a meaning and it’s just me not finding it?
An example is: I dreamed I was dating (very freshly dating, first days) a very short and chubby girl, we were doing nothing out of the ordinary, just eating what I believe was dinner and she told me I should be eating more, that’s all I can recall.

I guess the meaning in that is that I should indeed eat better and more but often most elements seem pretty random, for instance, what does a short and chubby girl have to do anything with it?


Yes, all dream does.

And that dream you had has nothing to do with food at all. Remember, dreams are not plain/straight, just as seeing visions. Some are proverbial, while some look like parables.

For example, I had a dream that a neighbor directed me to a table, and on the table was a plate with fish in it. He said, ‘eat’. I said no, I want just the bone of the fish. He said ‘eat’ again, I said no, I want the fish bone.

So I removed the fish bone completely without causing any damage to the fish, and I woke up.

Now, this dream has nothing to do with fish or anything of sort. And it doesn’t mean it’s that neighbor who came but a spirit took his form in other to commune with me, he knows I do listen to this man.

And the dream is saying I have successfully conquered the great enemy who was after my death. Now not eating the fish is that I didn’t kill her. And taking the bone alone mean I destroyed her source of powers and everything that relates.

If you, in reality, remove the bone of a fish will it be able to swim or even make a move anymore?

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So the meaning of dreams depend on the person, right?

There is a nice thread on dream interupatations at this link.


I knew it was not so simple, oh well, I guess I’ll never know what that (or many other dreams) mean then.

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Carl Jung spent a GREAT deal of his work on dream interpretation it is important and very useful tool to hone.

I’ve been having financial issues and on Friday I realized that, after applying for jobs, I now have more than one stream of income. Then last night I had a dream where I was completely broke, not a dime to my name. I was in the city, way downtown and wondering how I was ever going to get home. As I’m walking and panicking and anxious, I started to walk in one direction and almost turned away it. As I’m walking I’m looking down and I see folded $10, $5 and $1 in the grass. It’s not just in one spot. There are several folded up bundles of multiple $10, $5 and $1 bills. When I picked them all up, I had more than 2 handfuls of money, far more than enough to get home and take care of other financial needs. I couldn’t believe how fast the money came to me. It just appeared in my path.

I have never had about money in any capacity so this dream is very meaningful to me. As I’m waking up, my thoughts were along the lines of “see, I knew the law of attraction was bullshit because I was not feeling all high and happy and the money still came to me”.