DnD is as satanic as....It's not satanic at all


I’m sorry, but as a dnd player, I can tell you that there is nothing Satanic about DnD. Are there demons, devils, magic, vampires, wizards, and other occult things. YEAH! However, many classic occultists from the dark ages and renaissance were utilizing ceremonial magick that invoked the name of the Christian God. Early Christian priests did the same. We can argue whether or not these names invoked were used in the context of them being to the Christian God or not, but they were invoked. Even the grimiores of black magick, the ones that sacrificed animals, offering blood, calling on demons, and cursing or mind controlling people, they all invoked God.

DnD is actually Christian, or Christian-ish. The context is that you are an adventurer. You could be a warrior, a scholarly wizard, priest or paladin of faith, rogue, druid, bard, or whatever. You go around fighting traditionally evil creatures like vampires, demons, and necromancers.

Much of classic fantasy is drawn either from Norse mythology (Elves, dwarves, trolls, giants) or Christian (Demons, angels, good vs evil, heaven and hell afterlives) Dnd is basically a mix of both with a feel more towards the Christian or monotheistic side. The context of the world shows it. If it’s light, its good. If it’s dark, its evil. Absolute. You can’t have good orcs, only good half orcs. Granted there’s still heavy mythological elements, with druids representing what many call “The old ways” and my Christian occultism argument is obscure and esoteric. The divine is made up of many different gods. But trust me, it’s still very Christian. Like, polytheistic Christian.


Unless you want to play an evil campaign and kill a bunch of angels. :slight_smile:


I’d rather demons and warlocks do good


shrug then became the DM and make it so.


Never though it was ‘Satanic’?

The original authors were from Illinois and Minnesota, in the US, so I imagine the creators were either from xtian backgrounds and/or were speaking to a mostly xtian-background audience.

Stands to reason it’s going to have a strong xtian perspective.

Dungeons & Dragons (abbreviated as D&D [2]) is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game (RPG) originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. It was first published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. (TSR). The game has been published by Wizards of the Coast (now a subsidiary of Hasbro) since 1997. It was derived from miniature wargames with a variation of Chainmail serving as the initial rule system.[3] D&D 's publication is commonly recognized as the beginning of modern role-playing games and the role-playing game industry.[4]

If you think that’s bad, don’t look at In Nomine whatever you do.


Though it’s great for chaos magick lol.


There’s debate that Gary’s legacy is cursed or his now 2nd wife Er… widow is nuts. I feel for his sons who wanted to continue his legacy but Gail seems just wack.


DnD is more nuanced then that… the rules especially alignment or history sense are more akin to guidelines. There have been good orcs in fact in books that take place in the DnD universe as well as good goblins. It just presents a baseline state but it is up to the DM’s an the players to fill it in and add the careful nuances to it. Also older DnD did contain quite a few occult things from my understanding even down to some full rituals. That is what I have heard from some people that have played the real old DnD and ADnD but they kind of simplified it down to allow more room for people to add their own settings in.
In my experience many DnD adventures end up resembling old tales and legends more than anything else but it depends both on the DM and how they set it up and how the players choose to play and interact with the world.
Also Warlocks at least as far as I last checked derived their power from pacts with various beings such as magical creatures of great power or spirits. There is no reason their patron being could not be of good alignment other than preference of whatever rules you choose to employ for the sake of the story. Demons and angels are used to represent archetypes but looking into more detail you can see that what seems good or evil depends on how far on one side you stand and even the Abyss or the Nine Hells have their exceptions and many beings that run contrary to the common thought in the name of their own enterprises. Do keep in mind that most of what people call demons and work with as demons are not true demons as I would define them but only demons in the sense of the polarity they draw from for their existence. True demons are almost always malicious being born from such energies and emotions. Examples are ones born of rage and murder. They only desire that and while they can be used to train yourself to harness those forces you have to keep control or they try to spread and feed. Entities such as Belial are not as such true demons unless they chose to manifest in their malicious aspects but are more what can be seen as business men serving their own goals rather than back alley thugs and cartel bosses that would be more comparable to the malicious entities. Beings like what you probably know as demons are likely better represented by the more neutral lists of deities and beings of various other planes especially those that might have the reputation as mercenaries.


Dont forget Ozzy Ozborne The Lord of Darkness… Hes def a Satanic DnD player


It’s definitely suited for a Chaos Magick paradigm. I nerded out hard back in Jr. High and got into v3.5. I found a bunch of books on eBay for cheap and needed my mom to use her paypal account to get it. She had this weird dark feeling overcome her right before she sent the payment through and I don’t understand that fully …at all.

Espcially seeing that, wouldn’t something insideous and dangerous look as innocent as possible and be shrouded in feel good vibes? Like Marxism? Looks perfect on paper and then reality hits hard showing you what it really does. I don’t get why people go off of “dark feelings” from things. Never made sense to me how that was supposed to work.

Anyway, my step dad was way into old school Advanced D&D and would say stuff like “Be careful with the power of the mind. Be careful who you roll up and play the part of because you can convince yourself you’re something else pretty fast.”

Feels like method acting invocation to me. At my core I’m a Chaos Magician so I see the value in this. Play enough GTA and you’ll start wondering why your friend is stopping at red lights when you leave to get pizza.

With Skyrim on the other hand I’ve definitely learned to play the character I really am: Nord that specs into Alchemy and Conjuration :sunglasses: Too bad you can’t be a bard in that game or else that’d be perfect



Something tells me your father might have a checkered past :wink:

Have you looked into mods?


There is no such thing as you cannot have/do in DnD :no_good_man:


Yup, had a fun ghost drum following me around for a minute. Was hoping to pull off badass solos with sweep arpeggios and double stops on a Lute though.

Dude is interesting for sure, volatile would be a good word to describe how his personality was. Guy chilled out big time for sure though over the past few years. He had some friends who he was convinced got into “some dark stuff” (like black magick). I wonder if he has a hunch or not that I get life advice from spirits like Lucifer and Belial… He talks about it like it’s obvious to him and there’s some very strange paranormal activity that follows him everywhere and always has since the day I met him.

Stuff like pens flying across the room, books being pushed over, apparitions, some very sureal stories, and a constant sense that there’s some war going on around/in him. Peculiar for sure. At the core he’s very openly RHP despite all that


Definitely sounds like he got up to something. Many fun stories I am sure if you can get them in the open.


Are you crazy? Of course DnD is Satanic. Haven’t you read Jack T. Chick comics? Haven’t you listened to various Xtain preachers frothing at the mouth?



I believe DnD has satanic elements to it. For one. It utilizes creativity…Not something you would experience much around the bible crowd…Ive noticed alot of them are brain dead and boring. This is not factoring in alot of thr lower intellectual class of people ive run into these people seem even dumber. FYI I dont really consider myself an egghead either so imagine the level of stupidity.


I don’t say this about a lot of people, but I’m glad he’s dead.


Jack be nimble, Jack T. Chick.
Jack be writing a heap of shit!

I grew up on Jack Chick and Children of God comics. As a young guy these really put a zap on my head. So did Garner Ted Armstrong and his incestuous daddy Herbert the pervert. Then there was John Todd…



I forgot to mention Robert (Bob) Larson as a one man, latter day freak show. He’s into preaching against Satanism too. A real creep. I just know he’d be against DnD. When I’m feeling low I checkout the Xtain nut-jobs or the flogging scene from The Passion of the Christ.



I watched this video before idk if i can find it again as to why people think its satanic it was a christian comic strip i believe
Edit: i rarly read threads before posting and i see it has already been said about the comic

Starts talking about it at 2:48