Hello I was wondering if anyone has a relationship with a djinn?
What are the rules to having a djinn?
Best way to communicate with them?
( Fyi I am having a ring with an incubus djinn bound to it)


Well, I’m still on my search for a Djinn lover, but I can give you some heads up by answering these questions: Be 100% respectful, treat them like your equal, talk to them aloud whenever you’re alone with them, sometimes aloud and sometimes within your mind. Use a white Candle, and call them by their name three times, and chat with them, don’t be afraid of just speaking to your Djinn, even if it seems trivial, or if it’s romantic nonsensical speak. If you’re gonna make a wish, try not to ask for a wish right away, wait a week or so, but keep him close to you. And if/when you do make a wish, be patient and have faith.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to work on your chakras, especially the ones on your psychic abilities, I’m still working on mine, and sometimes I hear voices and feel my Djinn’s presences (he’s not my romantic partner, but I’ve asked him to be a good word for me, when my beloved Djinn shows up in human form).


Thank you very much☺️
I do have abilities but I’m a low level ( was born with it)
With the candle does it matter if it is scented😅?
Also is it bad If I were to try to spoil him if I can figure out a way?
Also can they also kind of go into a dream or in reality and interact with you how you like?
( I’m an old fashioned person when it comes to relationships. I’m pansexual but my other partner has to be the dominant one and I like to spoil. Also I’m big on cuddles and kind of an active person😏.)
Would any of those be a bad thing?

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There’s no such thing as an incubus djinn, a djinn can have similarities to a incubus in terms of being sexual in nature, or a djinn and an incubus having a child and the child is a mix of the two.

There’s no rules, djinn are people with their own ideals, views, dos and don’t, the same rules as dealing with another person with their own free will. Respect them and their boundaries.

Best way is working on your clairs and speaking to them.

I assume you got this through a spirit keeping service?


Actually someone who is in a coven and has a high collection but needs to lower her collection.

Well, to answer you in order, firstly congrats for being born with the abilities, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to hone your skills and continue to grow them. Now to the answers: It’s preferred if you use scentless candles, but I’ve heard Lavender is something they like. It’s fine to spoil him, if you figure out what he likes, just ask him questions and he’ll answer you in dreams, which is pretty much what a Djinn does to interact, especially if your low level. I hope this answers your questions, but here’s an awesome video to describe what to expect a Djinn companion and just to make sure there are no misconceptions. Though I’m sure someone else will tell you if this video is crap or provide other best examples, trust folks on here, we tend to watch out for each other.

Try ashanti star amazon ebooks. Dijjin stuff. Cheap. Fast.

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So I got his name today but still haven’t gotten his vessel and him send yet.

Hey @anon48079295 do you think you can got to my gift to djinn with incubus similarities to scan my ring for me and get any info you can get.
Plz and thank you​:grin::black_heart:

I already scanned the ring, I’m just waiting to compare it with Nissiku, accuracy works best through confirmation.

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Ohhhhh ok
Lol my bad. Idk that’s how it worked… Sorry

From what I saw from the ring it doesn’t match any of the Djinn cores/flames. The flame I see in the ring is a white flame/core with a loose smoke around it.

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Huh, any idea what he could be?

It doesnt sound like a parasite to me. Hmm interesting
It does kinda make sense, most djinn dont trust humans, so why would they allow themselves to be bound to a ring. Velenos are alot of djinn conjurations fake?

It’s not a parasite no, a legitimate core is only found in living beings.

As for Djinn conjurations, I did test a few and they turned out to simply be thoughtforms of what the seller believed Djinn to be, such as “Norse Djinn” was a thoughtform Djinn who had Norse markings on it and made to believe it’s ancestors “joined the Norse pantheon”

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So do you have an idea on what the spirit may be?

I would have to look further into it and get back to you.

Ok. If it helps to. Idk if you know any spirit that would make an object they are bound to heavy but at times it does.

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That means their energy is dense, which is very general as anyone can learn to change their density or have a natural dense energy.

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Oh ok.
Well hopefully you can help me find out what spirit I have and maybe gender. Cause if a spirit can say it’s a djinn can it say it’s a different gender?
Every night I say the name the prior owner gave me and even during the day to try to communicate.
Also if you can figure out what type of spirit it is then I can probably get the right gifts for it to be comfortable with me.

But how spirits can change their density is actually a very cool fact that I learned. :grin:
Is there any meaning why any spirit would do so? Ik weight on me is comforting for me due to the fact I have anxiety and PTSD and weight from physical contact, a blanket or whatever is soothing…
Just a thought they maybe it was a hello…