I’ve been looking for statues for Iblis/Shaitan and found a seller on etsy who’s selling rings with djinn bound to them… can this be legit? Has anyone here “bought a djinn”?

I would say that your money is better spent elsewhere. Books and knowledge, things you can practice with.

Generally these sellers are frauds looking to make a quick buck at worst, and at best you are getting a low class thoughtform created by the magician who is selling the ‘spirit’. The occult community is rife with people wanting to prey on those who cant tell the difference, newbies that want SO BADLY for SOMETHING to happen that they will throw 50 or 60 bucks, sometimes 100’s of dollars, for these bindings thinking that NOW they will get legit spirit contact. Its predatory most of the time.

Practice and advance yourself. When you develop your own powers, come back to those listings and see what a joke 90% of them are.


I was thinking the same, although I did a reading on the ring that called out to me and it wasn’t really positive, like I’d get a lot of material stuff I desire but I’d get tired of them. :man_shrugging: With binding spirits to vessels, I find it a bit offensive and if I’d wear jewelry like that I’d bind the spirit myself… Aside from the ring calling out to me I couldn’t really tell if it was legit or not and $100 is a lot of money to waste.

Sometimes the rings and shit are ‘enchanted’ with other things, specifically to draw people in. Working real magick on trinkets, and flipping them for large sums of money is a good hustle :stuck_out_tongue: as a lot of people do it online, so it must be profitable.

Just be careful and mindful of what influences are around you. Its your money and life. If you want to try out the ring, go ahead xD

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That’s what I’m worried about, I’ll stick to petitions and working on evocation :sweat_smile:

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My hunch was correct, it seems.

No bind your own the ones you are born with others cause chaos just know


From what I’ve read so far here on the forum, not all classes cause chaos, but yeah I’ll try my hand when I’m ready for it.

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As humans are born they are assigned 2 upon birth though we aquire many more through life due to trauma and abuses sometimes. 2 are your protection one of fire one of light.

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I heard of this, but also heard of people being assigned only one djinn upon birth. Never knew about aquiring more throughout life… I heard that they can be summoned in some way, but the description that your birth-djinn will cause trouble and only protect you after you’ve made friends with them made me think that they’re basically the personified Jungian Shadow of the Self.

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Yes Angel/Djinn shadow self Higher Self Masculine and Feminine Divine

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Ah okay, then the djinn in that sense is a term for them based on a system/tradition like Guardian Angel with Thelema for the Higher Self or The Watcher in the Necronomicon.

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In this aspect they are what you make them. Feed them fear and they use it to communicate with you. Balance all things within. Get to the root of the reason for the fear. They Protect us constantly weather we choose to fear them or not they love us that much. I only saw him after dying the first of three deaths. I overdosed and when the darkness manifest outside my body in physical form telling me to get angry to save my life I then knew the darkness within is a gift not a curse.


Just a random thought: if djinn are like humans and are born and can die from old age, aren’t old grimoires on them outdated? Like even if they live longer than humans, if the grimoire was written in the middle ages, half of the djinn described in a book like that would be already dead…

Iblis is often linked to as an older form of Azazel, as for the djinn rings I would not waste the money. Djinn are the last to openly agree to being bound to a ring unless it’s a mutual contract. So it’s either fake or forced.
Or like Ryce said above.

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Yeah, I’ve already passed on the ring. From what I know of islam, from their perspective I can see how they linked Azazel and Iblis, but I sense that they are different beings. I still have to look into the religious texts of both Islam and the Jezidis…
I have to say though, after a day of research on them, the djinn seem to be quite an interesting bunch - if there is a partnership between them and a human, would contact between them be more physical than with demons? They are said to be closer to this realm than the spiritual…

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Iblis predates Islam, same as azazel and there’s experiences and texts that pretty much cover they are the same person lol. Just as Asmodeus is a djinn king/djinn and child of azazel and Asmodeus djinn name goes further back than Islam as well as the rest of djinn history up until Mesopotamia.

Personally I don’t like linking entities unless there’s deep rooted research in it and experiences.

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Somehow I always end up with either Ahriman and the Sumerians… and Egyptian gods :smile:

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The root Inanna will Rise again that’s why

I got pulled into Sumer and Egyptian gods some years ago lol but detached myself from them once I learned what I needed, still love the pantheon but it has no place for me right now lol

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