Djinn Magick Tutorial

Due to questions I’ve been receiving from fellow BALG members and due to time constraints from my daily life ,work and occult work am going to address djinn magick questions in general on this new topic .
First off ,let me start by saying that djinns are the most loyal spirits I’ve encountered so far and quite fast and effective in their execution of requests .
Their are two genders in djinns , the Vamir(female) and the Muschna(male).
Djinns can have sex ,laugh ,fight etc .The djinns also have elements that project them .Their are Air ,water ,fire djinns but the most commonly known are air and fire djinns.
Contrary to the belief of many ,there are many classes of djinns .There are the Marid, Shariq, Shariff,Ghul ,Shaiytan,Rohani,Merkats, e.t.c and many more that I haven’t worked with yet .
The Marid and Rohani are the only classes of djinns that tend to help humans and are human friendly ,the rest are pure trouble to even contemplate working with them.(Ll focus on the two classes for today) .
Djinns can’t live forever ,they are mortal too .They are born, live and die but unlike humans their life span stretches centuries but its life span depends on the class of the djinn.
*One mage asked me if he could conjure a djinn without help , though it can be accomplished ,its quite risky .This is because you can’t know for sure which class of djinn you’ll evoke .If for some reason a ghul is evoked and masquerades as a Rohani ,you will be in for alot of long term problems .That’s why I advocate looking for an experienced mage in your locale for help .
The Marid are the least populated class of djinns but the most powerful and the biggest in size terms (also have the longest life span of all the djinns).For mages who can handle them ll reccomend a Marid over an arch demon as it is easier to pact and can perform any form of magic or execute any request you ask of it .
The Marid are directly under Satan and every Marid djinn in order to work for you requires you to be respectful towards Satan .(666 is mark they often relate to).
But due to their sheer size I would advise against any inexperienced mage on trying to evoke Marid djinns .They require to much animal sacrifices and can’t be bound by anyone .They have free will just as humans .For me I tend to ask for something after its accomplished I send the djinn away ,I never let it stick around .They are too powerful even for me .
The djinns I work are the Rohani ,they are coastal djinns ,hence they are water elements .They are human sized ,very powerful but not too demanding as the Marid .
Some Rohani are below the “djann” the djinn king (who is himself a Marid ,the largest of them all) ,some are rebels and some are below Satan .
Djann is the djinn king and is regareded by many as the head of djinns but just like humans not all are below him .He is never summoned at least not by humans as my djinn has told .The djann unlike popular belief is not Muslim .The djann does not attest or adhere to any specific religious belief .
*Now to the most common question ,how do you stay,communicate and summon a djinn *
For Rohani djinns ,they live only near water bodies ,so their" mizimu" ,(mizimu are portals of some sort the Rohani djinns use to come to our plane) will only be near large water bodies e.g oceans .
The Rohani, after the rituals the custodians hand the mage a clay pot ,this will house the djinn and is to be placed in a room that only you should use or enter .
To perform requests of the mages well , the Rohani love animal sacrifices .
Rohani and Marid are good at money magick quite great I must add . The only potency they hate performing is revenge or death magic .
They are quite religious and hate the act of killing.
The Rohani can either be Muslim or Christians ,some like mine are atheistic djinns.
Ll be updating more info later in the day on this topic .


Hi, there are number of websites online offering to sell djinns.I could show you a few links.
Are these legit?
Did you buy your djinn online or from someone in the offline world.

Would you be comfortable discussing how the djinn has helped You financially and what you offered them in rituals ?

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Never trust anyone selling djinns for hundreds sometime thousands of dollars .
For me I never paid the custodian anything ,the only thing I bought were the animal sacrifices which I was present as they were offered .
Djinns can’t be bought they posses free will and only work with us of their own free will.
In the post I stated that my djinn sometimes refuses to perform some tasks and forcing her is never wise.
Some of the sellers cheat unknowing mages of buying rings ,chains bound with djinns .Djinns are never bound and if for some reason you have the magical abilities to do so ,you’ll always be looking over your back .Djinns have feelings just like us ,unlike demons .
One last thing on this, acquiring a djinn can never be done online .A pact is always required and its always done in person ,no one can do it for you or on your behalf .Djinn magic is personified .
Djinns are never for sale .


So basically you have to find a person who is a custodian and secondly ask that person to be present while you make a pact with the Djinn?

i called djinns myself, and he was so spot on!
i used the book of Baal Kadmon, and everything worked well.
I dismissed him after a while… what a stupid ass i have been…


cool x cool x Im trying it x

Interesting. Did you have to sacrifice an animal? I’m not into that myself but am interested in working with Djinn.

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no lol nothing!
bind the jinn to your jewelry and that’s all


Thanks I’ll go check out that book. Coincidentally, I was browsing his stuff on Amazon last night.

i have all of them.

he is very approachable.

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@Lotuslouvena Not quite , I have met some people who never needed any help but djinn magick came naturally to them ,but most of these people have been of Arabic origin .
What I’m writing about in this topic is the system and ways /means that I have worked with and i found to working .
I cannot verify about the authenticity of the rituals online of invoking djinns because I haven’t found proof of them working .
I have been practising djinn magick for a long time and I have come to appreciate the system for its one on one style .
Lastly the custodian is never there when you perform the sacrifices ,maybe if you requests them too .
The only time he is present is during summoning ,introductions but during making the pact and sacrifices its you and the djinn solely .
The custodian is merely the keeper of those places chosen but he never holds any authority over anything there .
Above I stated introductions are made ,I know you must wonder how ?
Unlike demons ,djinns come in full manifestation ,whether you get to see(with your naked eyes) the djinn or not ,is up to the djinn ,they have free will(but the rohani djinns always manifest to be seen by the mage ) .But you will definitely here the djinns voice .
The details of the pact you’ll make with it must never be known to anyone else ,only you.


Thats interesting @ebdr ,nice to know these online materials actually work .Well that’s just another way of making contact with djinns .


Do you have any special incantations you could share for summoning the djinn in the initial ritual ?

What of Al Khidr?


Yes I do ,its part of the second part of this topic ,ll be sharing it

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Hy @Atinama ,am not conversant with Al khidr …as i stated in the post there are many types of djinns ,by far I’ve only worked with 3 classes .

You should probably do some research on him…

He is the Lord of the Djinn.

Well I’m not Muslim ,but in my practise we generally regard djann as the djinn king …

The green man isn’t restricted to muslim belief. You would do good to read up at least with an open mind, and not to totally shut it out. But, i don’t really care what you do. Just try to open your mind a little, if not, it’s your loss.

Naah I’m not restricting my thinking ,I tend to disregard putting emphasis to names because certain demons ,Gods or djinns are reffered to by different names in other cultures or languages .
Names might be different but probably same entity .
E.g as an example demon Asmoday in the goetia is regarded as Antram in my system .Same demon just different names .
Just go with what is working for you in your system @Atinama