Djinn or Jinn as you call them

Hello everyone,
After greetings,
my name is Ahmed or as i say to the foreigner people >> Zak.
in our Arabian books and magic books that contains talismans i used one to summon
90 clans of the jinn with a 90 prince … after a while i went to a magician he told me,
that they are in my house specially in my room just to serve me …
i was barely can see them and i cant talk to them or even hear them…
the magician told me about something called The CAGE.
he also told me that i should release something from down hell …
this is not the point …
the point is i want to know how to see them correctly and hear them and talk to them.
i want to know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about them…
specially there names…
i have to do this or i’ll be in trouble with them…
sooo any one can help me with that ? even if you don’t want to teach me how to see and hear and speak … point me to the right direction and i’ll find my way.
that’s all.
thanks for listening to me.

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sure, i’ll do it

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