Djinn Kings and Djinn Races


I want to know about the Djinn Kings and Djinn races.
Are these Djinn Kings the Kings over all the races of Djinns or Has every race his own Djinn King(s)
Also i want to know which planet is associated with which Djinn King.
Because i have two books from two different authors and both say different planets for the Djinn Kings

The races that i know of are:
Effrit, Marid, Ghoul, Vetala and Sila

The Djinn Kings that i know are:
Murrah al-Abyad Abu al-Harith
Abu Mihriz orAbu ya qub Al-Ahmar
Barqan Abu al-Adjayb
Abu Hasan Zobaah
Abu Nuh Maimon

Here i will put the Djinn Kings with the planet associations
In bold is from one author and italic is from the other author

Al-Mudhib Sun Jupiter
Murrah al-Abyad Abu al-Harith Moon Uranus
Abu Mihriz orAbu ya qub Al-Ahmar Mars Pluto
Barqan Abu al-Adjayb Mercury Neptune
Shamhurish Jupiter Venus
Abu Hasan Zobaah Venus Mars
Abu Nuh Maimon Saturn Mercury

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Each Djinn species has its own group of royals, and above those royals is the Djinn creator. Asmodeus is a Djinn king.