Djinn in my bathroom?

Hi- so long story short…there’s something in my bathroom. I know sometimes it’s my ancestors because I talk to them wherever I am- but something else is there. I don’t feel any negativity from it. I’ve asked it what it is- and I just feel djinn- I’m. It scared - I’m down to make a friend BUT- I’m not sure that’s what it is. I’ve stated that if it is a djinn please make yourself known and if you mean. I harm you will not be harmed. I’ve asked it to come to me in a way that I could understand- last night in a dream, I was sitting outside on a bench or something in public and a man of Mediterranean decent came and sat next to me and I got the color yellow maybe a yellow hat or shirt idk. I was told by a friend who is very gifted as a witch,medium,psychic…she said it was a djinn- a male djinn but he is red. I have video of and pics of my bathroom (I know, but I always Am in awe and love to see if I catch anything) - long story short- is there a definite way to know if it’s a djinn? I’ve even left him a shot glass of vodka to show we can be cool - and I feel it’s a masculine entity- but the name tabatha popped in my head as I was drifting to sleep

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That’s so interesting can I see the pic of your bathroom?

Sure! Can you PM me? Idk how yet- and I’ll send

Just in case it starts bothering you, there is a ritual to scatter the jinn in a grimoire called Practical Jinn Magick by Corwin Hargrove. It’s very simple and safe to perform and is very effective.

Do you want it to stay? Do you want it to leave?

I suggest considering your boundaries and if you want it to leave, politely and calmly explain briefly that whilst you mean it no harm, you want it to leave, and that you’ll perform a scattering ritual. If you want it to stay, that’s cool,but make sure you stick to your boundaries and your house rules. If it breaks your rules or causes you bother, use the scattering ritual.

On the other hand, you really should consult one of the spirits you trust and find out what the entity is and what it wants.

I have 3 spirits that I know of (ancestors) I ask
Them and not sure of the answer I’m getting. I’m definitely one of the over thinking type of people . Ask for 100 signs- I will definitely look up the ritual- thank you. I wouldn’t mind if it stayed- only
Again if we are in agreement with rules. I just want
To know if there is 1 in there, ya know? Thanks again for the advice:)

Well you could try divining the info, via say, Orlee or someone. That’s more reliable.

I’ve never contacting any other spirit…I don’t want to disrespect them with not having sufficient knowledge of them. I may try this…as this is Urgent

Who does “Mirror in the Bathroom”? Is it The Specials?

Tabitha is the name of a nightkin from Fallout: New Vegas, so I think I can grok this name with masculine energy.

I feel as it is masculine as well

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Excuse my ignorance but isn’t fallout a game?

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You won’t have real knowledge of them until you contact them and work with them, form a relationship with them. Like, you can’t know a human properly until you get to know them by interacting with them? It’s like that. Lucifer is a great one to start with, imo.

Really? I was always told and have read to learn about them first, all that I can. And- would it be okay to just meditate and ask them? It’s hard for me to really perform as I wish because I am in secret. I do small things like candles and have an ancestor alter but anything else in private when everyone is sleeping/ and even then I get 100 questions-tyia

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Yeah, I was just navigating what you said about the djinn with my own synapses which quickly yielded a character from a game.

I have yet to Google if The Specials did “Mirror in the Bathroom” though.

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Ok, it can be useful to read and learn about spirits, but ultimately, you’re absorbing someone else’s gnosis. As long as you treat the spirit with respect (normal respect, not grovelling), you’ll be fine. Just meditate to Lucifer’s enn (find Lucifer’s enn videos on YouTube), and then ask your question.

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The beat

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

This may be a stupid question- but I have 2 kids aNd a baby who is with me 24/7- they will be safe?

That’s it! I think, yeah.
Thank you.

Did you look it up, or do you like second wave ska?

Google :slight_smile:

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Good ol’ Google.

I’d be cautious if this was a djinn. They have eeeeeerriiee poooowweeerrs.