Djinn in my bathroom?

Yes they do…SOME are okay- this is why I’m u sure because I feel 0 threat or negativity

Hmmm . . . It could be really cool to have a djinn around.

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Yes it could be! But need to make sure that’s what it is

Do you feel that it is?

Kind of…but not sure

What would make you sure?

I don’t know!!! That’s my problem. THIS HOLDS ME BACK FROM SO MUCH LOL

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Just be sure, dude. You would know best. I can read your tarot about it for free though.

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I was trying to send video but too long

I don’t mean to go a little off topic, but I’m wondering, are there banishing rituals that just do not seem to banish certain entities and spirits? I understand there are different types of spirits and you seem very knowledgeable on this.