DIY Candles

Hi, y’all

Just today, the place that I can buy black candles had shut down. There are no other shops close to where I live that I can purchase them. I’m thinking of making my own DIY black candles by melting down a few white candles and using black dye. Will this still have the same effect as a regular pre-made black candle?

Sorry if this question is a bit obvious - I wanted to clear things up before proceeding.


In times like these we need to be flexible with our magic and think outside the box.

IMO candle magic is all about intentions colour helps and in some spells it’s a must but the majority you can use white candles, my Nan used to wrap a ribbon around the base to aid intention and focus when supply’s were limited.

Idea If In uk Essential shops are still open so a good idea is Birthday candles they have them in black too.
You can get a pack of multi colours so can cover a variety of spells, they burn quickly and are not expensive.

Sorry never dyed candles so can not shed any light on to this part of the topic.


Homemade candles are more powerful especially when you make it yourself! Am not sure what dye you could use! Probably food colouring? If u cant get black food colouring you can always add blue, red and yellow to make black :woman_shrugging:
You can add the corresponding herbs and oils and your blood if you are into that!


Will do. Thanks for the advice!

That should work just fine. And if you run out of dye, a black crayon could work just the same. Not ideal, but it is possible.


I don’t advise black crayons - tried that. They are not dyed as much as pigmented. Pigment is basically tiny particles, they sink to the bottom of the candle, and if your candle was an upside down pour, are positioned perfectly to clog up the wick and kill the flame.

You can order supplies online. Dye chips are cheap and easy to use. I like Pringles cans as free disposable molds. For a Pringles can with parafin wax at abou 140 melt point, use a natural square braided wick size #2. You can make a wick hole in the bottom, do get wick putty to seal it, reinforce with duck tape and pour as cool as you can on a tray, you don’t want dyed wax staining your kitchen floor.

I’ve been making candles for 30 years, I make all my own and can probably help with any technical questions you have it you go that route. Feel free to PM or post here :slight_smile:

I have another post with some details for candle making from not that long ago here as well.


I’ll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion - I was about to use crayons! I think I’ll just use black dye instead now.

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Any port in the storm my friend. Sometimes we have to improvise.


Just make sure it’s oil based dye. You don’t want fabric dye that’s water based, it won’t mix in.

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