Divine prosperity Sigil

Did someone use this sigil it helped you ? I do not have any money oil anything like this So I hope it would work anyway.


Would you mind telling me where you found this sigil? (I have no experience with it)


Google images I was looking for a sigil to attract money and this popped up there

Oh ok. Just don’t really trust everything that’s on there. :slight_smile:

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It’s guaranteed to be better if you made your own sigil for the same purpose.


This thing This divine prosperity Sigil seems to me that did not work for me I just Draw IT on paper anointed with oil and stuck in the wallet and nothing happen I dont know if I had this sigil charging and activated before and then put in the wallet but nowhere is written And I dont know if I did something wrong

@Kokot_Kiuh Well, to avoid debunking the sigil itself ,as I have not tried to open it and manifest something, I’ll just say that maybe you didn’t charge it correctly. Or since you stuck it in your wallet (a tool you use everyday) it may lost its energy after contact with other objects.
That’s just something to consider. :thinking:

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I think now that I would try again and before I anoint this sigil with oil I would charge it what you think

You should try it. :slightly_smiling_face: