Can we do divination with tichu cards?

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I just did this

What are tichu cards? I am not familiar with the term, but divination can be done with almost anything as long as you understand the symbolism you are using.

Some mages can do some impressive reads using simple playing cards.

Tichu cards it like a original cards but have 4 more cards. I want to share to you my method I meditate on lucifer and visualize his red energy come to cards I visualize the person I want to learn things about and I start to mix the cards 4 times, 4 is a number of lucifer and I start to divinate I do what thing automatically

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Interesting. I never would have thought of using Lucifer for divination.

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He is my master now on magic and he help me in every kind of magic


Not trying to be rude here but out of curiosity why? He’s the lord of enlightenment after all ? And what’s divination but to enlighten yourself about a particular thing or situation ?

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I’ve never heard him called that. Nor did I ever have an interest in working with him, so he would not be the first name that would pop into my head.


Gotcha, that makes sense. Do you work with any spirits for divination ?

No, I don’t, at the moment.

Though I’m thinking about using @Micah 's Azazel trance method to work on my Seership. Haven’t decided on who to work with in that regard, but I’m leaning towards either Paltator from Kingdoms of Flame or Tah’ka’yat from the Book of Azazel.

I’ll have to divine on the choices and see who the cards say is the best choice :slight_smile:

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Honetsly man, @DarkestKnight i been slacking on my Scrying work with Paltator so i cannot say whether he does or doesnt bring results.

But when i was consistent with it, i plateaud at the point of seeing small dots in the mirror.
I evoked him for help and did a few more exercises. Saw no improvement.

Tah’ka’yat is pretty good. His stuff is to show you futuristic type shit before you go to sleep. He will put you in a DEEP trance and you will progressively begin to gain control over your dreams.

Similar to what Carlos Casteneda writes about in his books and teachings.

Sastan, i havent gained results with.
Neither with Mepsitahl.
Im not giving up on them tho.

So I would suggest working With Tah’kah’yat if you wanna use Demons.

Of course there are many more spirits and types that you can choose from.

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Gods and Goddess of Prophecy, Sight, Knowledge, etc all count

Light Elves

Some Dark Elves

Various Symbols


Quite right. The archangel Gabriel is another possibility as he is the angel of prophecy.

Lots of choices, and to be honest, I haven’t put any effort in working with spirits to develop my divination skills. I’ve been devoting my time more to evocation for material results so I’ve slacked big time in that part of EA’s Trinity: Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence.

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