Divination with poker cards?

Hey, if you have could you send me some links or descriptions about how to do reading with the basic french poker cards?

Layouts mostly.


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Gypsy people do it all the time, not all can afford/are educated in tarot cards.
I don’t know if there is a link.
It’s about intuition mostly. And there are different combinations. Just like poker :joy:
The only way of learning is by watching, gypsy people don’t teach, they would lose their power and the teaching would have no meaning.

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Grandma’s everywhere have been reading playing cards as long as they have existed, which is where Tarot originate from. It’s not a gypsy exclusive thing.

As for the question itself, this is literally the first link that comes up when you Google “traditional cartomancy”.


Cartomancy is fucking awesome. One of my favorites. Poker cards are great for yes/no questions but can be tailored to the tarot. Heart=cups, Diamonds=Pentacles, etc


Try Cartomancy from Sepharial A manual of occultism, it’s very awesome

Sounds interesting! I would like to know more about it

Well then, someone should say that to the gypsy who taught my mom, who taught me :joy: :joy:

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I do cartomancy readings. They are hella awesome to work with. I usually equate them with tarot as much as i can but also use my intuition pretty heavily