Divination request

I am still getting the hang of all this and I have no tarot, could somebody possibly help me figure out if this spirit is a succubus, goddess or other or if it is an egregore?

Any info needed can be provided thanks

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What exactly do you mean by “this spirit?”

Sorry, I forgot I was posting a new topic lol.

So as a child I had an imaginary female friend. Fast forward to about a year ago I started reading Jung and wondering about my anima. One night very sleep deprived I channeled a name. I thought it was interesting and moved on. Now a few months back I had a beautiful dream with three demon girls, very loving and affectionate. My psychologist thought they represented past substance abuse, but they didn’t feel like ordinary dream characters. Now over the years I’ve had a few times a year or more these beautiful, long and romantic dreams with various girls that always left a big emotional impression upon waking. Recently I read Sexual Alchemy by Donald Tyson and posts from Succupedia and began to wonder. I never did a ritual but the other night I wrote a letter and put it under my pillow. Something like, “dear ephaedra, I would love for you to visit me tonight in my dreams” went to bed. Twice I awoke around 2-3am after having beautiful, very sweet dreams involving holding hands and cuddling with two different girls. I woke up, peed, and laid back down and all of a sudden there was a flash and loud noise, and now I am not alone in bed. I can feel a loving presence and a physical body coddled up to mine. I remember being amazed and taking her hand and kissing it. We laid there and held hands/she laid on my chest for a while, all during this my body felt electrified. A few moments later another flash, and she was gone.

The rest of the night I saw flashes around the room.

I was recently given the idea this could be an egregore of my own unconscious creation, and I was wondering if somebody could maybe help me figure out whether or not this is the case.

I know I should just do this myself but I have no cards nor tarot, and honestly I’m not too experienced with divination.

I suppose I would trust somebody else more than myself with an answer, as far as having less questioning of the result.
Sorry if this is convoluted, I just figured I may as well see if anybody else can give me some food for thought on the matter.

Alright, I drew two cards for you about this, one from my Necronomicon Tarot, and one from my Fallen Angel Oracle cards.

Surprisingly, both decks agreed, this is a special companion for you. You didn’t create her; she has always been with you. She simply chose to accept your invitation.

From the Necronomicon Tarot we get the Knave of Cups:

This represents a kind hearted woman who is outwardly dreamy but a fierce defender. She is faithful in love and a reliable companion.

From the Fallen Angel Oracle cards, i drew Buer:

He represents help and healing. From this card I get the sense that this spirit is someone to lean on, to support you in your struggles, and to work with you as an ally.

All in all, I’d say you have a wonderful lady.


I also used the Necronomicon Tarot, and as it is a regular deck, Emperor is letter He, best woman in Qabalah, and as always, Chariot is letter Chet, which is 418, best sex in Thelema, so I agree with @DarkestKnight


Holy shit!! That is amazing!! Thank you guys so much!!


You need to provide more info