Another Parasite or Succubus Thread

Try vibrating this:

If you definitely have a parasite attached, you will know it as soon as you start chanting. It won’t really affect a true succubi lover as all it does is change the vibration, or “flavour,” of your energy. Lower entities, however, tend to feed on lower quality energies, like depression, anger, and fear.


There’s a huge difference between being a parasite and having a parasitic behavior. The succubus can have the latter, because there’s an attachment between the succubus and their interests. Being attached to someone, or something, doesn’t mean it’s a bad or negative occurrence. It often becomes bad or even worse, if you prefer some privacy over bonding with them. This issue seems to occur quite early and shortly after a contact has been fairly established between the succubus and their human interests.

I might see this differently than most people in here, but I love the attachment they have towards their person of interest. It’s there for a reason, and that reason is bonding and to familiarize yourself to her energy and presence.

It can be dark at times. It can physically hurt a few times, as well. It is a phase that will go away and turn to something more of a common ground and a foundation to lean towards afterwards. It will make you tougher and more resistant to most energies out there as well.

…but, since you’re still in that phase of attachment and darkness with repercussion on you, there’s something very odd about your experience. I see no intelligence and self awarenes from the entity you have in your life. There’s darkness with good intentions, too, and if she had that, she would have stopped immediately and changed her energetic pattern. You know, to show you that she cares about you and your well being. Some spirits and entities lose themselves in their energy manifestations and get addicted to it. Others can control it at ease with the flick of their fingers.

I’ve been doing this for well over a decade now, and there’s something off about this. The first phase should have ended a long time ago for you.

Maybe start setting some boundaries and rules, or banish her completely if it’s bothering you. The attachment isn’t the main issue here, though. It’s a part of the experience. The issue is that she’s eating the cake and want to keep it at the same time. Parasite or not, it’s not a good thing.


Wow, thank you all for this! I will try these suggestions out ASAP!

How could this switch out have possibly occured? I do remember previously she would manifest in front of me in dreams, but I am guessing that could just have been because we hadn’t “bonded” yet.

edit: I suppose I forgot to mention that there have been some warnings she has given me that panned out, but this was quite a few months ago. But yes, for the most part the communication seems based in my own thought patterns when using telepathy, yet a distinct personality in dreams, however, that has not happened for quite some time.

Hmm, I do notice that she is not active when chanting that and immediately active afterwards. I will continue for a while and see what happens.


Here is the thread including the original story and the tarot readings. Divination request - #3 by colourfulpatchwork

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So, I think I am going to start prepatory immersion to see if Hekate will be able to help. If I dont seem to be getting progress through that, I will just muster up the 250 dollars to have somebody trained remove it. I am currently still a neophyte, and my meditations have seriously slacked over this past year to the point of nearly being a beginner again.

Thank you all for the help and I will keep updated and still welcome more opinions!

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Succubi are parasites by their very nature. The fact many don’t categorize them as such is testament to their efficiency and just how easily they can weaponize emotions and sensation to confound the mind.


Not forgetting, we don’t know what this thing is. There’s little evidence it’s actually a succubus from Lilith.

Well, not to the victim there isn’t. Either way they lose.

I agree being parasitical is a behaviour many entities can exhibit. Some by mistake like with larvae, to things that cannot live without feeding of the living, like some shadow beings, and hungry ghosts.

Yeah it keeps you docile and allowing the feeding. I’m sure sheep love being in the care of kind farmers, they do exist. They still get slaughtered and eaten in the end.

It’s not a “she”, these things don’t have gender, they use human gender ideals to manipulate you, so don’t let it play you.
Yes, it in it’s interests to protect it’s source of supply. That’s not it looking out for you. If it needs to it will turn on you in a second. This is natural and not me disparaging it, we all have our agendas and you don’t know what it’s are.

Well said.

And they are never “symbiotes”. Symbiotes need you as much as you need them for you both to stay whole. Succubi are optional.

Its a matter of choice. If it’s ok for you to feed it energy, you can keep control of what it takes and you feel you’re getting something in return that’s worth it for you, then fine, but don’t sugar coat it and pretend it’s glamorous or in any way cool. It’s weak. You’re capitulating to a loss of energy than can impact you negatively for life. All that energy lost is energy you can’t use to build your spirit and get further towards ascension.


Even humans exhibit parasitical behaviors, so I think you’re generalising a bit there.

So, are you suggesting I have Stockholm Syndrome because of my decade long experiences with these entities? :man_shrugging:

I know what they’re capable of, but in my experience, they’re nowhere near of being a parasite.

A common issue is the humans lack of commitment these days and whenever there’s a slight chance of commitment to proceed further in development, most of us bail because it challenges our ego. That’s what relationships are about: Commitment, sacrifices and compromises and to meet in the middle to satisfy both within the relationship. Most of us wouldn’t dare to take those steps, but we shouldn’t blame the others that do, either.


My thoughts on the matter veer towards this being a parasitic entity. Personally, I think you’d be better off learning via trial and error how to remove it yourself instead of paying a person to do so, because the person might implant something stronger in you, not perform the exorcism correctly and leave it there, or damage you in the process. But I do have a slight tendency toward paranoia, so do whatcha want.

As far as personal removal of parasites go, early on in my work King Paimon recommended using water purified by “Christian or Muslim prayers and sunlight”. I asked about weapons, and this is one he gave. I’ve made slight alterations in the assault water to varying degrees of success, but for your needs the OG recipe should do just fine. I’ve learned over time, that a good way to do cleansing is to create the water, and then drink it. I like to do christian prayers w/ a Muslim ruqqya in the background to cover both bases. St Michael’s prayer, Lord’s prayer and certain psalms should be good, then for the ruqya just look for exorcism ruqyas.

Sometimes, on an investigation, I’ll slap a dash of holy water in a drink and offer it to the individual. A person unwillingly possessed will generally not even touch the glass. If drank, it brings the spirit to the forefront, usually prompting hostility. I do similar for myself on occasion, particularly when I start feeling consistently grumpy or overly emotional, just as a precaution.

So, assuming you’ve got an attachment, the water will hurt it. Then, you can move forward to smacking it around a bit. Qayos has a great occult armory thread with sigils to use for combat, (I recommend the saw), which you can use either normally or in a ritualistic manner to hurt it. This method will outright kill or make the entity fuck all the way off. Combo that with the LBRP, and a scan from a friendly entity and problem solved.

Use the 250 to buy a zip of greenery or dabs or whatever else tickles your fancy, you just leveled up your occult game so celebrate.

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Yeah thanks my plan is to try and figure this out on my own first, probably going to pick up a book on Hekate from the library and start there. When you say about the sigils, do you just go about charging them until they flash? Or I assume there are probably more instructions for use after charging?
Also, it has seemed quite inactive today so far, probably because it knows I am on to it I assume. Maybe bargaining? I dont know but also, should I keep up with drinking the water/splashing on myself multiple times per day for a certain time?

edit again: I forgot I have Damon Brands Magickal Protection! and there is a ritual in here for removing parasites… I guess I will start there first! Oh now, its active again!

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Hmm, I should mention that today I woke up with a sinus infection, and something like my left mid back has been hurting for a day or two. Could be unrelated, but maybe somebody else has an opinion on this?
Edit: It was the Sword Banishing from MP by Damon Brand that was ineffective in the dreamscape, but I THINK calling Michael was what caused it to detach.

Yeah buddy, you can charge in whatever way feels comfortable. When I was using those sigils frequently, I lit a candle near and did a drop of blood to charge em up, but you don’t have to do the same unless you want to.

As far as the water, hell yeah. Hit it as many times a day as you feel like. Get ready for some pushback from the parasite, but you’re on the right track

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It’s an archon not a succubus and both just feed off your chi , stay away from anything that gets into your energy system

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So what are some safer lesser emanations of sexual spirits for alchemical (and sexual lol) reasons? Should I stick to reputable spirits with long histories?

None , they don’t care about you , harness your enrgy for better things

That just doesnt make any sense. What about practitioners of left hand path tantra? Is it more about setting the correct boundaries/magickal protections then if someone were to practice these things?

Are the spirits you are involved with bound to your body in the way mine seems to be? Or is that a big red flag, in your opinion.

I think definitely one place I went wrong was not following the instructions in Donald Tysons book. I suppose letting it bind to me was a bad idea (though I didnt consciously do that).

edit: also, there seems to be not very much of feeling it physically other than in near sleep, AP, and dreams. In waking it is only usually muladhara stimulation, or occasionally tingles on the head or face

You can if you
Have senses and depends on the state from which you manifest the beings , if you do it from loneliness or sadness or something negative the encounters will reflect it