Disrespected Belial? Crossroads on path working and lack of true devotion

I’ve had some weird glitches in the matrix experiences, and I feel I’m at some crossroads in my life and my magical path. I’ve helped and got helped by someone that has embraced a different perspective than what I have in my heart. I feel I’m being pulled into a path that opens many doors to me, but the thing is that I don’t think I want to go towards those portals/timelines. I’ve thought about what I value in my life and ascension path, and it is not what I believe Belial can teach or give me, or maybe I don’t see the bigger picture yet, I don’t know.

Because of this and some recent strange demonic experiences, I thought it would be a good idea to invoke Archangel Michael, who represents justice, strength, and peace. I don’t know him well, but I know he is great. I summoned Michael with his ancient sigil, but when I tried to see his sigil in my mind, it was hard to see. Then Belial’s sigil kept coming up, much more precise and golden. I then felt that maybe I should not have tried to call Michael to my life.

I started reading about these energies on the forum, and it seems like it doesn’t have to be a problem with these two. Belial is someone I’m very connected to on a soul level, but it is also that I’m worried about because I feel pulled into a current that I don’t wholly resonate with within my heart. Sure I respect the existence of the pagan deities and their epoch, but I don’t feel at home there. I also love and am grateful for the trials and hardships Belial put me through to make me stronger, but I still wonder what my most meaningful and joyful purpose is. I feel more drawn to the peaceful authority and power that comes with the Holy Spirit and serving the highest of Elohim, pure Michael energy. Belial is a god of the earth and a descended master, and the dark deities/goddesses behind him seem to want to commune with me, and I got that confirmation from someone who works closely with them. One of the creepy things that came to my mind was the art of sacrifice, and in my mind, I immediately got an image of Elizabeth Shaw in Alien covenant, where she is a black-goo alien sacrificed. Then I went to my phone, and the first video recommended was that exact picture. WTF. Someone will say sacrifice doesn’t have to be literal like that; I know all of that, and nothing from my old life is left, and I’m okay with that. I’m just a bit concerned that I’ve gotten myself into a path that I or someone else sooner or later will end up dead or ritually sacrificed. I refuse to be bound or under any demi-god or deity other than the Holy Spirit.

I just read someone said that calling upon an archangel is a weakness. My intention was not to hide, only for guidance and peace. What should I do if I have disrespected Belial because of this? He has hinted about vampirism and becoming a vampire under him, which I refuse. I’m not at war, but I’m not too fond of the sense of someone’s ownership over me when my heart is not there anymore, and that is also thanks to him. I feel he inherently he is a trickster god that I can never wholly trust, which is required for me to continue. That was part of the last trial that crushed me, and I made it through, but I’m not the same anymore. Whatever powers you’ll gain in LHP is not even a comparison, or you’ll achieve the same and 10-fold more by being a vessel of the highest god, and with that, I don’t mean the ‘demiurge.’

Well, there you have it. :smiley: You’ve done your introspection, the decision has been made. :+1: Your current work with Belial is at an end. 'Nuff said.

Don’t second guess yourself, that is also a magickal act and one that is you working against yourself… it’s self sabotage in a way. This is YOUR path to walk as you see fit, and you can only work off the info you have at the time. No one can ask for more.

Energy can get habituated. You worked with Belial before, you got some energy that allows you to easily conjure his sigil in your mind, like dance steps you memorised. Now you have a new entity, all you need is some practice with the new steps.

Stop second guessing yourself. You’re not stupid or weak, you’re doing the right thing for you, and only you know what that is.

They’re both ascended beings, they don’t care about the petty human crap and religiopolitical propaganda spewed about them. They’re of the light, and here to help you ascend, to be a son of god as Jesus was, and they want you to do that any way you can. It’s all the same in the end.

Don’t we all? :smiley: Keep going, it will come. You will start remembering past lives and eventualy in between lives and then you’ll remember the decisions that led you here. Nobody has to tell you, you will find out for yourself.

Then follow that. You can always come back to the other work later if you like, and not if you don’t. If you’re drawn to this it’s for a reason, there’s some lesson that you have asked to learn along this route. It could be waiting in a book, in someone you’ll meet, in a place you’ll visit, just keep seeking and giving life the opportunity to bring it to you.

That’s ok, there’s always tons of beings that are happy to talk to someone on the path of ascension: they can wait. :slight_smile: This is your time, and it’s not very long. You can only do one thing at a time, so you have to prioritise, right now you want to make all your practice about working with Michael, so go ahead and do that, they won’t be offended.

I wouldn’t read too much into that, specifically because it comes from TV which is largely a worthless distraction, as it’s designed to be. You could have been remote viewing the phone image as the target,because the subconscious it attracted to interesting images over boring ones. TV poisons your mind, (which is why I haven’t seen that film and I don’t have a TV). Yes, it could have been a STRAY CAT too, (an RV term meaning, a related image your consciousness can understand that the subconscious gives you to communicate something it sees that’s like that), but the seeing it on your phone implies it’s a distraction.

Humans well into the process of enlightenment are spiritual targets for this kind of dross. Fear based stuff is always sus.
What’s interesting is, why scare you about Belial knowing you have no beef with him and it hasn’t come up before? He’s not interested in offering let alone sacrifices of any kind ime, and it’s weird that would come up in an established relationship? :thinking:
I would ignore the whole subject as fake and not feed the trolls… Maybe look out for any interfering critters that just mess with you because that’s what they do. :slight_smile:

Nonsense: [insert something about opinions and armpits here] :smiley:

You’re not and it’s fine. Of all spirits Belial respects people standing up for what THEY want to do and doing it. He is the epitome of “go your own way”. It could actually be disrepectful of his energy to do anything else.

Good, that’s stupid, vamirism is dumb and parasitic, so I suspect an impostor. It’s clear you’ve attracted the attention of those that want you not to ascend. A good banishing at this point would be good.

This may also be why you’re drawn to Michael: he’s excellent at getting rid of parasites and it sounds like you need that right now. Do you have a current spiritual practice that helps you keep clean of unwanted energy? This is a must.

Good for you! I don’t think anyone should want that and if their “heart” is in it that’s a big problem. This is not a path for weaklings, sink or swim.

Yeah, you know what you’re doing, you don’t need us to tell you. I think Belial is fine about it and is proud of you for learning to have some balls. Have fun doing the Michael thing now. :slight_smile:

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It’s never really a bad idea to call someone else in on something to get a second opinion though, right?

Think about calling Michael as something similar. Looking for another opinion from a different perspective.

And in this case, if you feel like you are being strong armed, you called on some one you felt had the strength to back you up and keep you from getting dragged into something you’d rather not.

Personally, I don’t think you have.

It sounds like your comfort zones are being pushed and you got a bit apprehensive. Nothing wrong with that.

I think this is coming more from a place of fear.

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Impostor? I don’t know, but you seem not to know him deeply if that’s what you think. He has a light solar aspect and an intense dark side that I have tried to understand, and still am. It’s not that he doesn’t help magicians or witches, but he also seems interested in doing so for some personal recruitment services. That glorious hypnosis goes deep, especially among women, which I feel among witches that only seem to praise him. I know because I experience it myself, but it’s all manipulation and sorcery.

The example I mentioned with the sacrifice imagery was just one example of clairvoyance bleeding through physically. I don’t know if the limitations of our light spectrum distort communication, but I don’t regard my instincts as fear-based. Our spirit can sense things we can’t comprehend with our minds. I’ve had dream ones with Belial that implied I should quit my job and movie location by breaking my back in the dream. Everything came true. I didn’t brake my back exactly but got a severe injury that forced me to leave jobs and move to another location.

Other than that. I feel most black magicians (even the well-known ones) seem to be just a bunch of ‘fearless’ lowkey sociopaths trying to be edgy to compensate for feeling powerless against authority and lack of heart-centered childlike joy in their life. The heart is the most vital, crucial organ, the motor of our electrical body and soul that expends us.

Vampire PAC-MANS are soul-less; that’s why they suck the life force of others dealing with moon-magic and necromancy to have some illusionary ‘edge’ in the underworld of NPC’s, hoes, drug-addics and barbies with internalized misogyny and misanthropy, that they use magic against or to manipulate in self-service, that they wouldn’t have to deal with or make even with in the first place if they were a true magician.

The whole left-hand path meme that trials and hardships make your skin tougher and that that is what makes your sorcery(manipulation) more powerful is misleading. Anything that hardens the heart makes you weaker. The Bible also describes Leviathan as having impenetrable skin. Demons test you for sure, but the why and the transformation of that is not what most people believe it is or is makes it out to be.

At least I’ve realized that becoming a demon is a half-ass 180-degree power that would diminish immediately in the face of pure solar righteousness and temperance. The actual test is similar to the scene with Frodo and Galadriel in the lord of the rings. Can we resist the illusion of chasing false power by surrendering hurt to gratitude, understanding, and more profound love and appreciation for life that would in our cytonomic macro cosmos benefit The All… It’s a paradox; the righteousness and faith of pure humanness are what raise your spiritual rank, not boundless impeccability. The wound opens the heart to the true light, if we allow it, which lies not in the tree of knowledge of good and evil but waters the tree of eternal life, the source. Demons or black magicians can not obtain the hidden self or light; it’s all illusion. To strengthen the heart resonance is partly to be more around children rather than reading or learn black magic.

True alchemy strength and power come through the proper knowledge and knowing thy hidden self, not to be recruited under another deity, perform out-dated magic, or to get lost in the light, which is the Luciferian blind spot. The spirit is no shape or thing. It is what embodies all forms and illusions, and the soul is what gives meaning and life ordinated under the laws of Ma’at.

I don’t like or want to sound like a know-it-all. That’s why I open up about other people’s perspectives and experiences. I know how much of the universe I don’t know, and I’m trying to understand and relate to all sides.

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Did you ever ask why it was so important to quit your job and move in another location ?
I’ve heard about people being harm like that with a pact broke, but without reason…

If you didn’t ask and get materialistic thing (or even minor things that could serve you, like you car is broke but someone bring you with their car on the steet to point B), you never truely knew if it wasn’t a impostor, cuz they just want to ruin your life, they won’t bring anything good, so it’s a way to spot them too

I didn’t make a pact for material gains or any petty matter. I didn’t make a pact at all (what I know of?); I’ll seek knowledge on my spiritual path, that’s all. Four years ago, I happened to encounter Belial, among others, when pluto and the south node of the moon was transiting my 8th house, in which I have five planets with ruler Saturn the 12th, which created some type of merging of worlds in all aspects of my reality and life with a level of resistance force.

I had to move because I could not work and had no help, “safety net,” or savings as a 20-year-old. You may not experience the “imposter resistance” in case they have your soul, or you have non.

I am permanently partially posessed by Belial. I am 100 percent on board with his message as a breaker of chains, the one who admonished us at every step to “NEVER bend the knee”, so, no, at no point is he about enslaving anyone.

He’s not interested in helping really, he doesn’t want to do it for you…he want you to get out of weakness and help yourself.

I have no idea what recruitment services you mean. He does, and has often, challenged people to get the m o grow some balls. He’ll push you, and if you comply: you fail the test. That’s happened more than once on this very forum.

That’s why I’m glad you didn’t comply, and I said I think he’s proud of you for that. IF that was Belial, you passed. You were never supposed to bend the knee.

I have no idea where this comes from, I haven’t seen any “glorious hypnosis praising” happening here, and I have read every post for the last 4 years: unless you want to link something to prove a point, I think this is a bit overstated to say the least.
… Maybe it’s a tiktok thing? I don’t really follow yt or tt people, and this behaviour would disgust me. I don’t do worship, I fundamentally disagree with it on principle.

It’s an example of UPG, no more no less. UPG is UPG. It means nothing to anyone but you until it’s verified. The problem with UPG is explained very well here. I’m not saying to doubt yourself, but I am saying you can’t assume this is “true”.

Yes I know, as a remote viewer and an occultist however, I understand there’s an issue with translation, and that like dreams you can’t usually take these things at face value. To fail to understand that is to invite madness.

This fits you quite well as well… you seem to know nothing except dogma. Nice example of not having any heart yourself there either. I guess it takes one to know one. :slight_smile: Your judgements are of the mind, you are making sweeping statements about people you have never met and do not know. This is also the problem with your UPG: when the ego is involved it’s always wrong.

Like UPG, learn that you are not supposed to take these things literally. Leviathan doesn’t even HAVE skin. It’s not a physical being.
The bible is completely plagiarised and barstardised bullshit from older mystery schools that knew better, corrupted to enslave the messes with confusion, mistranslations, and massive ommisions. 42 books were thrown out of te bible by those who didn’t want you to know anything real. You even think Jesus died, when in fact there were dozens of those with that title and they all resurrected while living as you’re supposed to. You’ve been had.

a) Belial is not a “demon” though? Being shit upon from a great height by the moronic preists of a baby control religion that’s full of deliberate mistakes doesn’t change that he’s an old god.

b) No they don’t, they just try to eat you. That’s what real demons do, they lie, they feed and they hate you. None of the Goetia or Belail are lesser entities like this, they are the original elohim or jinn, which means enlighted. You don’t talk to parasites you just get rid of them.

Yeah, it’s nothing, I don’t know why people say this. Humans are incarnate higher entities with on board nuclear power stations. Our only problem is we don’t remember anything.

Being incarnate higher beings means many are exactly incarnate “demons” as defined by the useless and stupid JCI religious churches. Which is the same thing as saying we’re incarnate angels. The watchers were real.

Yes, and this is exactly Belial’s message.

I think you really don’t know your history so you are enslaved by the lies built on changing it.

This has given you what the remote viewers call “target pollution” : you already had expectations, and you allowed analytical overlay to be taken as real instead of the ego mind creation it is, so as a creator being you invented what you expected.

I’m not White Knighting for Belial, he expects no quarter because he’s not a pussy and doesn’t need defending, but I think you’ve got yourself tied in knots over something you made up, and I caution you not to assume every impression can be taken at face value. It just can’t.


I’m relatively new to working with angels, but Belial is the main one I’ve been in contact with going on 2 years now and from everything I’ve learned so far, you have no need to fear about seeking help from Micheal. Belial is big on people learning, and making their own way. He will even introduce you to others to work with.
What he won’t do is try to force you into something like vampirism. He will test you, bring out hidden forgotten desires and curiosities for you to face and deal with, but trying to make you do something against your desires more likely is from some lesser demon or entity seeking to entrap you. You can work with both Micheal and Belial without issues. In fact, as something tried to pull you in another direction, I’d recommend talking to both of them about it

ah, Belial and his taste for the ‘pristine’…

I mean, I love God, I mean the Creator or whatever they are. I resonate with them. Yet I am still drawn to Belial’s side, and I am here willingly, although knowing in my heart that I do not really belong in the world of the ‘LHP’. I do have a vision of the path I would take if I am to ascend on my own, under God’s influence. I’ve pondered a lot, and in the end chose Belial. Although he never even encouraged me to follow him occultically, he actually cares more about my normal, tedious physical life. You can say I am following my heart instead of my higher calling. And I sure hope I won’t regret it.

I understand your sense of a different higher calling, and there is no shame no weakness in seeking in that direction. Your choice is yours. Regardless of whether or not Belial will be pissed off, do you want to be governed by fear? No one can take your choice away, ever. Nor your connection to where you truly resonate with. You are the main character of your own journey. Trust your guts and listen to your spirit and heart. Then make a choice.

Only you know what is best for you in this situation. But I think you already know.