Disillusioned with dystopia

I’m am completely fed up with the dystopa being built around me. I am having a extremely hard time getting into a head space that will give me some separation from it. I’ll even join a Hedonism cult for a bit to get a break from dystopia.

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Try this, until you really feel those snowy mountain peaks: Hyperborean Meditation

Also, make sure to not let your energy get too vamped by things which exist to project the world’s pain into your awareness (aka the media); no human being in history was previously forced to cope with so much bad stuff, so consider limiting “news” or even cutting out out completely for a short time, like a week or so, then coming back and only choosing what you NEED to be aware of.

(If you do that, in my experience and that of other people who’ve done this, day 1 will suck, day 2 will feel disjointed, and by day 3 you’ll wonder whether to ever go back to subjecting yourself to so much misery.)

The media exists to keep you fearful, and returning looking for reassurance (which almost never comes).

Situate your power within your own spine, and withdraw from tjhe manipulation for a while.

You are free enough to post this on the internet, without fear, obviously literate and able to afford internet access, and be answered in real time by a British housewife; the world has been VERY much worse in the past! :wink:


I feel you man. One thing that has been helping me is remembering that I am only seeing 0.000000000001% of what is going on in the world, both in the media and physically in my own life. There are plenty of small acts of kindness that often miss the radar as they are not as flashy as the doom and gloom. Our species has survived horrific situations, but a vast majority of the reason why was due to the small things people usually look past.

I remember one World War 2 vet telling me that one of the things that helped kept him sane after the fire fights was remembering the importance of a joke, even a bad one. That was his advice on how to deal a seemingly hopeless situation where the weight bears down on you. So, if part of these feelings come from what you see on the media, maybe you should not only take a break from it, but make a joke about the world. Humor exists to help look at the dark aspects of life, acknowledge it, and try to make some light out of it. Hope this helps in some way.


Im with you friendo. I’m just letting the shadows take me as I cultivate the light within. Trust me, that darkness thrust upon us will return to the sender. The Goddess finds it too boring to let anyone have the upper hand for too long.

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We all have our own reality tunnels we’re living in by way of the people in our lives, daily responsibilities, etc. We should all realize that ultimately we have the control for the direction we want our lives to go, outside forces not influencing. Anytime you put on the news or listen to the radio it’s constant negativity for a reason. It’s to give people the idea that there’s far more bad than good in the world. If they buy into the fear, that negativity then manifests in their daily life because they essentially paint the picture of the world from it. They only need to be aware of it is all, but it keeps their minds fragmented and easy to control.