Discussion About Legacy, Genetics, Descendents

Well, I don’t know biology as well as you do but no one can disagree that Being born in a family where some ancestor was into hardcore spiritual/occult stuff DOES MATTER , May not happen in the very next generation. People say that it is the grandchild who resembles more with their grandparents than just son resembling dad.

In India there is Gotra system and it is said each gotra comes from some ancient immortal Rishi/Sage. May sound a bit mumbo jumbo but I have seen that person belong to a cenrtain lineage will always gravitate towards the kind of practice that the founder of Gotra Did in ancient times.

My Gotra founder did both Right -white -love and compassion stuff with Hardcore occult and here I am ! thought never thought will go into Occult.

In Yoga Genetic Memory is one of the most powerful factor and something to be worked with asides Elemental/ (Emotinal likes and dislikes ) memory and Evolutionary memory ( the memory whiich makes sure that if U eat a banana it becomes you and if a cow eats it it becomes body of a cow.

Can’t disagree with that, probably the most compassionate thing one can do is be a mother to a motherless Orphan. But at the same time , Chose wisely the kid you are adopting, may sound Extremely shallow but background matters.


Guess,I’ll go and fuck myself, then.


Lol, everything starts somewhere. You can be that ancestor for your Grand and Grandgrand and ULTRA GRaND kids.


The thing to bear in mind is that most people are at least open to the idea that there is some spiritual aspect to the world, so the likelihood of them seeing at least some legitimacy in magic is fairly high.
Personally, I combine that with some light enchantments to reduce curiosity and put my things away when I’m not using them. When I lived at home, I kept all my things in my desk and my parents knew not to go rummaging through said desk. If I’d left things out ( like a crystal ) they’d just steer clear of it.
It was kind of an unspoken agreement: I keep all the magic stuff in my room and they leave it be. They were aware of my practice, but never mentioned it. Mother was fairly open to it ( she has naturally strong astral sight… Slight jealous if I’m being honest ) and father just thought I was a little bit barking. I apply the same to relationships today, it’s all a matter of give and take.
It’s childish to expect to have no limits on what is practical, and not psychologically healthy to place magic before a fulfilling social life. Provided it’s a matter of give and take, not just take, most people will be fine with what they personally might view as an odd but mostly harmless practice.



@anon88243269 I had blood magick done, and in my family bloodline there seems to be magickal ancestors, and the conjurer found that I was some sort of warlock in previous lifes,

My family is descended from gypsies, witches, black magick practitioners in previous centuries, and other weird magick people lol. But no-one is aware of this. I am like the only one who discovered this.

Maybe that’s why I ended up on this forum. It somehow attracted my higher self or something, and now I have to continue this bloodline…

I want to become a black magick master, a demonic god, but there aren’t any girls / women who will support me. And school stuff takes a lot of time, when I graduate i’m gonna move to my own apartment, and concentrate on my ascension. :smiley: No more hiding stuff and doing things secretly

So no family life for me, I just date to satisfy my human companionship, just to keep my hormonal levels in check because we need sex as humans.

I keep this to myself, people don’t understand.

Also regarding that black magick dating agency… I think that isn’t a good idea at all. What happens if someone cheats? You’ll get spiritual warfare, hexes, curses, all over the place, divided groups, forum drama, all kinds of stupid relationship drama.

No, I want peace. To live my life quietly, and practice my magick.


Without running the risk of derailing my own thread :joy: I always like asking questions.

Where is it stated that what we do is purely blood inherited? is this written in stone or like most things, variable and questionable?

Is it not a tad Narcissistic to have children solely on passing down a part of yourself?or to please dead people who are going to reincarnate anyway? I do not value myself that highly that I think the world will miss my bloodline.

I think the world in future has much bigger issues than that, examples being Overpopulation, Nuclear threat, famine, Wars, poverty and exploitation.

Just throwing this out there, no offenses meant


It boils down to how you view magic. There’s those who view it as simply something we can all do, if we develop the skills, and those of us who acknowledge how magic isn’t just something you learn to tap into but something that either flows through you or doesn’t.
That’s not to say a non magical person couldn’t practice, just that it won’t ever be a natural process for them. You can observe the difference between magical families and non fairly easily. Although I’m the first to make use of our gift, people on both my father and mother’s sides have always been gifted. Very strong astral senses on my mother’s side and a strong control over energy on my father’s.
Magic produces a person capable of seeing the future, bending the minds of those around them, moving objects without touching them, obtaining knowledge through demons and the astral etc. Our ability to contribute to the world is unparalleled, as is our ability to shape it. We play a key role in society and I’d argue that our potential alone is justification enough to ensure our families persist for generations to come.
I talked more about bloodlines in a post I made a few weeks back, I’ll see if I can find it
Here we go:


Thank you, @anon88243269 :heart:


I haven’t read everything here yet, but it is great to have a varied discussion of opinions and beliefs. Thanks to all


Thankyou Biffa Bacon.

I will enjoy reading this. I was definitely ‘born’ with a spiritual gift and I have worked on it.

I do know I had a gt Aunt who could see the dead and communicate with them, that is all I know about my magical inheritance.


I think it’s worth to mention that I would probably go for a somewhat practicing (or theoretically educated) person as a partner, if my way didn’t brought me to my now S.O. :thinking:
Some things are just less “weird” that way :smiley:


It’s a custom honoured in every pagan part of the world, also in Judaism where a lengthy bloodline was given for Jesus (I mention that only to show it’s not purely a pagan thing, monotheistic faiths have it as well).

There is a famous Hindu story about the son of a butcher who is called to worship Shiva, and he wants to renounce his trade but he is told his dharma (duty related to situation of birth) is more important, and that he best pleases Shiva by fulfilling his trade, and we know that caste in India is inherited, the son or daughter of a Brahmin is a Brahmin, the son or daughter of a Kshatriya is also of that caste, etc.

Moving west, in Egypt they took matrilineal bloodline (which tends to breed inwards, because the womb, not the seed, is the carrier of power, whilst the kings remained mostly male) to extreme degrees and inbred themselves to the point of several dynasties collapsing because of it, marrying sisters so the male ruler could also have that sacred womb as the mother of the next King.

We can point and laugh but huge chunks of our occult lore and working methods come from them.

The gods of Egypt have clear familiar relationships, as do the gods or all pagan pantheons, the Norse gods have a clear bloodline, so do the Greek and Romans, and even in Christianity (which again I state to cover the universality of this concept) Mary was actually the “immaculate conception” - conceived without sin - in order that her bloodline inherited by Jesus (who only had one human parent) would be pure.

Popping south a bit, African gods are networks of families, in some cases marrying into their own family, again referencing the power of bloodline, and that certain forms can only manifest with pre-existing genetic combinations.

West again, the Aztec gods are linked by family, and many north American tribes had ancestral shamans, ancestral chiefs, all about the concept that the parents are the framework for the child.

Well, so’s magick, changing reality to comply with will etc… I mean if you want to go the self effacing route that’s not something I can advise on. :smiley:

Will these be improved if only the thoughtless breed, and only their genes are carried forward?

Given that all pagan pantheons are linked by blood (including many who think their culture’s first founders were sons and in some cases daughters of those gods) and that they all consider (even the monotheistic faiths) that the nature of the parent dictates the child, what will the future be, for animal, for nature, for everyone, if the most caring and selfless do not raise children to inherit those values?

And, yes, the most spiritually ascended, who have a duty to the least spiritual, just as everything in the world is interconnected?

All the same arguments can be made for burning all books:

  • it is selfish to think of one’s own pleasure and education when others are starving and wells could be dug for them

  • it is greedy to spend money on feeding one’s mind in this way, when other people can’t even read, or can’t read well enough to enjoy it

  • it is narcissism to want to be an educated person when it is obvious not all others are educated

  • books use up valuable resources and encourage people to hoard possessions, which leads to materialitic mindset (kindles are no different, all the rare earth elements in them and all the plastrics and circuity etc)

  • authors are a flaky lot and those who wish to join them are refusing to really help others, they want to mentally masturbate things (a metaphor used by Stephen King) onto a page

  • there are more important things in life than escapism…

If we race to the bottom like that, there is always someone in need or doing worse, so, who has the right to do anything until everyone is fixed?

Ancestor worship is another ancient thing, not only amaong pagans, Jews name a child after a deceased family member, also found in the Xian custom of saints, and praying for the dead… either everyone in the world is wrong, or, those “dead people who are going to reincarnate anyway” actually matter.

Not to mention that, again many faiths (including the still-ongoing ancient, and very different Hindu and Jewish faiths) believe a person will reincarnate later into their own bloodline.

Kinda fucked if they can’t because of 21st century first-world-problems angst! :astonished:

But (at risk of being controversial, and in the spirit of debate) you value yourself enough to say you have the right to end it? :thinking:

I’m not saying what you should or must finally do, just asking people to consider what it means if they choose this.


I can make it a new topic, split this out, if you prefer? :+1:

All forums come with the Split Topic function because it happens, never a problem to do. :smiley:


No, it;s all fine. I just need to start at the top and read through and absorb it all.

It kind of boomed whilst I was asleep. :smiley:


No, but it is a big factor and it matters. That’s all. And of all other kind of memory traits be it will, stability of mind, purity of body-mind, strength of character all this can be made/learned but the genetic memory is not that malleable and that is another reason that the good one’s passes on.

I doubt ( can be wrong here ) that I inherited blood line from some extreme spiritual family, certainly not from my parents but still I am as spiritual as one can be and I am Quite good at what I practice. SO, Genetics- family lineage is one factor out of many.

Yes, it should not be the sole factor. I wasn’t parented well, to put it mildly so NOT going to be a parent. Even if I shift to Mantak Chia’s version of Sexual life and have sex like crazy rabbit for decades , still not going to Bring another innocent life into this cruel world. I know very well How cruel it can be even for Children. And if it is someone you are extremely attached to it is GONNA HURT REALLY BAD.

As for to please dead people, well have already done enough for them , more than they ever did for me. Any offering You do to ancestors is actually an offering to 1- where ever that ancestor is, and will get benefit from it and 2- The genetic material in your body linked to that ancestor, so many genetic friction will get smoothed by that offering and in practical terms , a lot of problem will go away from your life.

So , technically you are offering your ancestors for your own good. And in my opinion it is doing more than enough for them.

AT the end of the day do what ever you feel like it. It’s your decision and only you will know that if it is worth it. Just keep in mind that having a child is a 20 year old project. Give some serious thought before starting it.!


Don’t have to take the burden of the World or even the burden of your ancestors. First look after yourself. :slight_smile:

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That’s actually really interesting. I’d be curious to know if it ends up being permanent or if it’s being enforced and will revert once you procreate. I know a few gay guys that would kill be straight and have families of their own.

Unrelated. I read that people are generally unable to progress very far in spiritual alchemy unless they are married, thus creating a bonding of the male and female aspects. It’s not even about doing rituals with the other person, just the simple fact of a spiritual union and mutual understanding.


There is truth to this. One of the highest divinities is the sex love energy produced between a Man and Woman.


In Slavic mythology, the Dziadys (ancestors) only reincarnate in their own descendants. This isn’t about valuing yourself, but honoring generations of people who have created you and given you life.


Anyway back on topic, because the little tiff a couple posts up was overly exciting to read…

I agree with @Lady_Eva it’s an odd sensation, but since i got deeper into magick I only want to “procreate” or make a family. This could be a normal animal instinct for all I know, but it’s hard to say. It almost seems like I’m missing out on the next phase of my ascent If you will, some missing emotional growth. It scares me though, because I know to accept that is to one day die to give way to the new.