Discussion About Legacy, Genetics, Descendents

Anyway back on topic, because the little tiff a couple posts up was overly exciting to read…

I agree with @Lady_Eva it’s an odd sensation, but since i got deeper into magick I only want to “procreate” or make a family. This could be a normal animal instinct for all I know, but it’s hard to say. It almost seems like I’m missing out on the next phase of my ascent If you will, some missing emotional growth. It scares me though, because I know to accept that is to one day die to give way to the new.


I see your POV and I support it if that’s what serves you best. But for me…nah, I’ll pass. For several reasons. The 3 most basic are:

  1. I’m too selfish to prioritize someone else’s needs and wishes over mine. I refuse to make someone else the center of my universe. A child is a limitation for me. And the limitations I already have are enough, I don’t need more. And no, I’m not ashamed to admit it, I’d be ashamed to pretend that this would make me happy. It won’t.
  2. No matter how cute it could be to have a spawn of my own, the genes that I, as his/her mother, would pass aren’t nearly ok-ish. I have the duty to protect a future human being from that.
  3. The need to express myself in my house without having to find a bunch of excuses is vital. Freedom, for me, is vital. No, you won’t find a flag with a sigil on my wall, but I refuse to hide from a (potentially) lifelong partner. That being said, I don’t wish to have a lifelong partner. People tire me too fast. I could be a single mother but, coming from a divorced family, I know I could not support a child properly in any way.

As I’m the last of my name, I was troubling myself too much as a child, how will I find a husband that will accept my name to be given to our children. I even had a plan to find someone who has a brother, who has children already! lolz
Then several years later, my grandma told me “Pft, big deal, you don’t even have an importand name”. And you know, a weight got lift from my chest from that day. Indeed, my name is no more special than any other name out there.
And I don’t have to pass it along with my genes to anyone.


Yep I moved that part out, it can be found at Removed posts

Back on topic: I must say when I started to truly commit to the LHP was the time when the real concept of legacy - shaping things in some manner long after I shuffled off this mortal coil - began to hit home.

I think the path I had been on before emphasised self-negation more, and my embrace of the reality of this world, instead of trying to escape it, made me feel duty-bound to do my best to see aspects of my own life perpetuated after my lifetime is over.

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Same here. I discussed this with my dad, not long ago :smiley: (Which is funny because I don’t even wear his name)

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O.K, I am with @Lady_Eva now on this. Planning on going back in time and spreading the message to all the cave dwellers that unless you are As HOT as lady eva, you are not allowed to breed, for obvious reasons.


lolz same!

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In my case (and probably others), I’m simply not in a financial or mental state to properly raise a child.

Kids are really expensive, plain and simple. Parents tend to spend up to $12,500 a year on diapers alone. I myself don’t have a job where I can accommodate for that kind of money on my own.

As for mental, I’ve always been apprehensive around babies because they’re really loud. When they start crying, I easily become overwhelmed with sensory overload, which is very common in people on the autism spectrum. There may be a way to overcome this, but I’ve yet to find it. Also, the thought that the slightest screw up can really damage your child (or make them become the next Hitler) is beyond stressful.

There may come a time later in life where I might be ready, but now is not that time.

Also, I have cousins who have kids, so they’ve already carried the gene so to speak xD

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This is partially where one derives a sense of great pride and accomplishment! In shamanick practices, often those with the deepest wounds become the most powerful in their magick and/or spiritual practices.

Try raising a Son of Belial :heart_eyes_cat:


I have a mental illness. As much as my family nags at me to get married and have children, the last thing I want to do is pass it down and have the child suffer (either from firsthand experience or from having me as a mother). In the meantime, I’ll seek ways to contribute to the physical plane.

While we’re on the subject, what about inhuman children? Do those count?

Not sure what you mean by your question.

I have a son, and I want another soon. Having my son was one of the best things I ever did. I am physically healthy so I really enjoyed giving birth to him( at home) and nursing him(until he didn’t want it anymore). Now he is the fun age, the preschool age, and I enjoy playing with him and reading him stories.
I always liked kids, the main thing preventing me from having them sooner was the way my husbands career did worse than I thought it would and the way mine didn’t take off.
That said I understand some people not wanting kids, liking them, or not wanting to pass on bad genetics, but by bad we hopefully don’t mean something like clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience.

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You know, people who give birth to spirit children.

My relative who has become the ascended Varnaxis told me that his blood link to me, combined with various black magick I did including conceiving a demonic child, helped him complete the last section of his ascent to demonhood.

But he also told me that many of his past lives, including working with copper in ancient Egypt, which he told me was somehow a more occult/energy-working field than mere craftsmanship, also laid the foundations by which his very early pleas to his own Dark master for aid results in this transformation after death.

The copper thing went straight over my head for ages, until I found the first of these recommended randomly on YouTube a couple of weeks ago:

And then this:

Think how magickal that must have seemed back then… and the 2nd one, read the comments, apparently it’s also extremely dangerous.

So back on topic, he was neither spiritually a “blank slate” with regards to past lives (afaik none of that branch of my own family have Egyptian origins) nor was the bloodline element irrelevant.

It’s possible the combination of both is most useful, this could expliaj why historically, genocidal practices have been aimed at people with spiritual/occult power.

As with all things, you want every factor you can working for you, so if blood gives it a boost, work on that; if past lives help, summon them, do past-life research to see if any of your power was locked away through traumatic events (including death), and so on. It’s entirely possible you won’t know about this until you go looking.

And if you’re not finding anything, you can still massively amplify your power by various methods, we are none of us any more or less connected to raw power of Source, for example.

But it stands to reason that just as most people would rather have an experienced surgeon if we need medical care, pre-birth experience either genetic or past life IS going to come into play. Varnaxis got the best of both, and duly acquired his goal.

And if anyone’s so devoted to the Potterverse that you’re still angsty about this? Fine, but if you had good cause to think you’ll reincarnate after this lifetime, would you., or would you not, prefer to take some of your basic power and abilities with you?

Last point: don’t take anyone else’s inheritance as a discouragement, take it as a pledge from reality that work pays off! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m doing everybody a favor, including myself, by not carrying my bloodline forward because my family has a lot of problems. I’m too selfish to have kids (I need to get attention, not give it) and I’m not physical enough to have them anyway without it being a huge mistake. I’m not physically robust enough to care for them properly and I’m probably the kind of person who would have a dangerous pregnancy. Children would be a burden (physically, emotionally, financially, etc.) that would eventually drain me to my death and I’m not ok with dying. I naturally perceive myself as immortal.

I’ve known ever since I was a child that I wouldn’t want to have children.

I don’t have any witches in my family that I know of, and I’m not a witch either (I’m a mystic). No mystics in my family, but a lot of religion. My maternal grandfather was a fundamentalist Baptist preacher. My “dad” (not bio) has an M.Div.

My grandfather definitely passed something down to me, but from my perspective, it’s astrological, not genetic, because I’m not oriented towards my physical body. We both had spiritual experiences at age 21 that got us to give up substances. For him it was alcohol, for me it was street drugs. He was teetotal after that for the rest of his life and I still have so much respect for his lifestyle. After I told him about my experience, he felt satisfied that he had passed down “the real thing” to somebody in the family (I was the only one), and he died shortly after that. He told somebody (can’t remember if me or my mom) that he had been waiting his entire life for somebody to tell him what I told him. (I put it in Christian language, but it was a mystical Kundalini experience triggered by reading a Gopi Krishna book that I’d bought from an occult bookstore. To me it’s all the same though.)

I know he would never understand my current lifestyle, but that’s ok with me.

He really lived what he preached.

The spiritual people I met that choose not to have children often did so because they have a contempt for what they think is mundane and earthly life in general. I feel they are still very much indoctrinated by a judeo-christian worldview. That the answer to ascend is somewhere up in the heavens, outside themselves, and this life is just a whimsical experience. There’s absolutely nothing mundane about this life. Definitely not parenthood. Like you said we are spiritual beings having a human experience but we’re also human beings having a spiritual experience.

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That’s an incredible coincidence: about half an hour before I logged in, and hadn’t seen this post, I was just discussing with someone that celibate clergy, monks, and nuns are a great way to slowly erase people with any spiritual sensitivity and calling to “walk between worlds” from the gene pool. :thinking:


This sounds pretty simple to me. I don’t know my ancestors and i don’t really feel like i owe them anything. I’m here to live my life to the fullest. That means only having a partner that accepts me fully for who i am and doesn’t force me to hide anything.

That also means, ideally, not having to worry about children because the whole thing sounds like a headache. That’s too much responsibility for a task I’m just not that enthusiastic about taking on. Not only is it unfulfilling, it feels like a trap and a distraction. The effort of raising said family could be spent figuring out how to ascend and not have to deal with the reincarnation cycle at all.


Jumping to the original point on the first post, I am more likely to believe the “forever alone” occultist has more problems with themselves than other people. They have some fault that prevents them from attracting a partner so they blame their devotion to their practice rather than looking in the mirror.

As for the rest, it’s my children that are one of my biggest motivators to deepen my practice, so I can use magick to augment my households ability to provide for them.


Forever alone occultist or their opposite overly thirsty occultist are kinda problematic imo. However, for myself I’d love to continue my line and start something. However I’m at best only capable of adoption or expensive surrogacy because I am not in no way interested in a relationship with a woman. So it’s more of a slim chance for me.