Discovered a wish granting spirit (Caution: no positive results yet)

So I asked my Shadow about wish granting spirits and he told me about a friendly but very powerful spirit who grants wishes. It’s name is Sarallos.

Sarallos can be contacted by a number of ways and my Shadow recommended the 3 methods below.

The first ritual is done by writing his name down on a piece of paper and chanting the name three times. Then state your wish and burn the paper.

The second method is similar to the “Bloody Mary” ritual in the sense you use a mirror in a darkened room. You look into the mirror and chant his name either 10 times or until he appears or you feel a presence and then state your wish. End the ritual by thanking him and saying goodbye.

The third method is probably the simplest and just involves praying to him. You can write his name down on paper or engrave it onto a clay figure to use as a focus and pray your wish to him over it.

  • Rayne

do you have any experiences to share?

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I am following up with this, waiting on some results/experiences

Its a post of ghoul i tnk. A wish granter spirt. Its 2 post already. Wat its little info of him. Is tat hes a ghoul, not dijjin. Or spirt a terrible spirt not even a demon. But can grant wishes fast. The first time.

I have a few questions: Can I chant the name of Sarallos from my accent in my mother tongue, or do you have a correct pronunciation? And what do I do if he doesn’t grant the request?

Thanks for sharing but I would like to know what type of mirror are you talking about (I mean Black mirror or any other mirror)?

Can it grant ANY wish? 'cuz i’m using it to cancel my exams lol

Definatily trying this out! :smiley:
Lets see if it works

has anybody had any success trying this?

Well I tested it, but I didn’t get the desired result. I used method 1 posted!

you think you are going to try the others as well? because honestly this does seem a bit too good to be true if it works. i mean nothing comes that easy even with magick from what i have learned from my research here

Yes, I will test the other metadata to see what happens. Really from what I have learned so far nothing really comes so easily even with magic, unless the person has a very high level in practice!

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well keep us updated because i would like to see how it turns out for you

I also tired it out but it didn’t work

Yeah and let me know if this worked

Watch out for parasites and tricksters… they lure easy victims with big promises like that


@Lady_Eva @Velenos @DarkestKnight

Okay, people, magick doesn’t work this way, there is no “make a wish” spirit that will manifest anything out of thin air just because.

I think this thread should go, in order to no mislead people. In magick, as much as in anything else, you have to work to develop your skills. Period.


I almost said that yesterday, but then it’s such a popular last name around here, that I figured the op just found a friendly spirit of the dead. I considered it would be more likely to be one of their ancestors, or locals though than just a random one, but still was like well. Not enough information to judge that or anything else. :woman_shrugging:

Wish granting is too broad for any use, but what do demons and angels and djinn and genius do for us everyday Rey? We call them up, and tell them what we want them to do-sometimes we pay for it, most times not etc etc… They grant our wishes.


Do they? Or do they work with us to make it happen? Because I can’t sit down and scratch my dick all day and let the spirits bring me what I want.

That’s my point here.

Really depends on you and what you’re trying to acquire, but sometimes it works that way. I’ve been given the things I was short on cash for more times than I can count through magic, and they were always delivered to my door.