Dimensional jump spell?

Is they’re a spell to switch realities or give you a event you want in life
Anyone good at this? Pm pls

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No, there is not. Magick does’t work that way. You cannot “switch” realities.

I highly recommend you stop trying to escape your life and start learning magick to improve it.


Anyone want to teach me methods?

Do a search. That’s what the magnifying glass in the upper right of your screen is for. There are dozens of threads detailing the various methods of evocation that members use. Read them.

Or pick up a book. That is what the founder of this forum provides and there are many threads that give other titles people have found useful as well. Stop asking people to provide you with this or that and start looking the information up yourself.


You might find soul travel and astral travel attractive based on what you posted. Have a look at the #mastering-soul-travel-omnipresence section there’s all kinds of stuff there that you might enjoy trying.


Anything is possible, though there may not be a spell for this you can easily tap into other dimensions by focus. Whether than they be “zoomed in” or way out. If you know what fractals are, this is the concept. Ask and ye shall recieve my friend


Look up the concept of quantum jumping. There’s plenty of information available on the internet. The idea is based on the quantum theory of multiple universes, which states that somewhere within the quantum soup of probability there are multiple versions of you.

In quantum jumping, you don’t really “jump” anywhere, but through visualization, you find a version of yourself that has what you want and merge with it. Apparently it is very good for downloading character traits like creativity, confidence and the like. It does not change anything in consensual reality though.


I know that I mean to change the life u have a bit

Recently it occurred to me an idea about having or creating alter egos, e.g. one follows Right Hand Path, another LHP, one is engaged to Mary and another to Susan… although, yes, it sounds extremely sci-fi. About how to proceed, either with evocation, with the mirror method or “magical novelwriting”.

Magick is for changing your life. As I said, search the forum or pick up a book to learn the how-to. The information you need is already out there, but you have to actually look for it, rather than keep asking people to just hand it to you. You have to work for things sometimes.


There is a book called Dimensional Magick. I forget who it is by exactly but it deals with this type of stuff. Jumping dimensions and realities isn’t all it is cut out to be though. While fun and interesting its purposes are more abstract and exploratory than a solution to most problems. There are a few very specific problems this solves but the majority are more easily handled through other methods.


Isn’t dimensional jumping where you switch realities though? I thought that’s what it means…at least on the reddit group that’s how they explained it


So do you have advice on how to really do dimensional jumping? I’m trying to learn

Well the deamons are interdimensional beasties, if they can do it you can

Who’s the demon for helping change events

if you want to switch realities just smoke some salvia. I can assure you that you will leave this one temporarily.

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Too young to smoke plus I do nit

No, quantum jumping does NOT switch realities in any way. It’s all in your head and does not cause change in your world, only in yourself. You can “dimensional jump” all you want, but your problems will still be there.

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To be fair, in a way, you are part of “your world”, so even changing a part of it, is changing it, as a “whole” [as a total structure].
You are part of “reality”, so changing yourself, will change a part of reality, and hence, reality as a whole [as a total structure],
Like, changing one color, in an array of color, will not change all colors [of course], but the composition of the totality of colors. Like, blue and green, won’t be anymore, “blue and green”, once, one of the colors, is changed.
And if your problems stem from yourself, then, the problems will be solved.

I hope, this was understandable.

I am not specifically arguing for the validity of quantum jumping, as I have not read much about it, or experimented with it, but I can argue, that changing in “yourself” does change “Reality”, as I did experiment, and read about it.

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