Different types of succubi?

I’m here only to say that this thread title gets in my nerves


I can’t! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Why dont you try forging one yourself? Or since youre so close with Lilith, maybe she can help you with this?

Know that not all “female“ spirits will tolerate being so sexualized, but this is an experience, so why not?

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excuse me, but my english is not so good. I am a foreigner :sweat_smile:

“side note” It’s not about sexualization, I’m looking for any female spirits, that is willing to not only come into my life, and become part of my household, as my home is their home, but I’m an only human child of my human Christian, family, though I turn away from that faith, to find my own faith, and spirituality that I feel work well with me. After working with the dark goddess Lilith for two, and half years now I currently desire two things one is a harem of spiritual wives known, as succubi for a poly relationship as, both spiritual lovers, and spirit guides, but also a spiritual sister doesn’t matter if that spirit is a young spirit, or older spirit that as long it’s a spiritual sister

:thinking: “Its not about sexualization I just want a harem” :ok_hand:


This was my thought honestly, that’s basically saying “I’m not sexualizing I’m just sexualizing and calling it something else” lol


it not sexualizing U have two type of romance/ marriage relationship in human life or spiritual life. The two types of relationships are monogamy which mean u, and one life partner or a polyamorous mean you, and two or more life partner. And it’s ones of my desires to have a polyamorous marriage/relationship with my life partners who are spiritual wives, known, as succubi

Stan, my humble advice to you is to forget everything you have read in fiction and start with magick from square one. I think it will benefit your life. A lot, actually.

So, please, PLEASE, start all over instead of thinking that something someone wrote as an entertainment product is the real thing. And let’s not blame whoever wrote those japanese stuff you talk about all the time. They never claimed to write grimoires.

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Though you automatically tend to think because they’re succubus that they will join your “relationship” when you start calling your “bond” with these women a harem then you’re simply in it just to have a bunch of women faun over you as that is the premise of a harem.

And putting ‘sigils’ all around your home doesn’t automatically make them show up, it just means you’re opening your home up to whatever comes based on sigils found online or convincing yourself that those sigils will automatically do something by being there.

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Why do you think what i talking about come from fantasy? I know succubus/incubus demons, and other spirits are real, and so are different realms of the spiritual world etc. Beside I’m not the only succubi lovers on here, there plenty of forums on that topic for those loved them, or want to work with them.

I thought it’s all about the intents, beside I don’t try to hide it. Since working with the dark goddess Lilith for two, and a half year now, I have put out my desires, and intents out there in the universe/ spiritual world, and to the dark goddess Lilith, as I made a pact with her stating not only do i want to learn, about her stories through myths, and legends, but also help with unlocking my spiritual gifts, and expanding spiritual knowledge, as well. Including a desire/intents to have a polygamous relationship with multiple succubi, as both my spiritual lovers, and spiritual guides.

Oh my dear Stan… Well I guess someone has to feed the hungry spirits. Good luck!


Why do u mean that?

Well youve been working with Lilith for 2 and a half years since 2019, so it seems to me with that much experience with Lilith and succubi, you dont need any advice from me.


Yeah I, guess I always felt drawn to the dark goddess Lilith, considering I enjoy strong, independent, free spirit type of women, who can be dark, or have dark personality, and chartisic. I have been working with her since January 2019, and now october 2020, so yeah it’s been two and half years since I started working with her. Since working with her, she have helped me unlock some of my spiritual gifts, which are sensing spirits around me by touch, through tingly feeling, learning how to lucid dreams, expand my spiritual knowledge by learning about her stories through myths, and legends. I know i even have succubi spirits living with me, as both my spiritual lovers, and spirit guides is because I have tingly feeling whenever they around.

Oh tingly feelings you say? Why didnt you say so sooner? Well it sounds like youre on your way to that harem since you got them already living with and tingling you.


I know, u been funny, but it’s the truth

Always a joy to read these topics :joy: and cringy.



Hello, I have a question for you about jorōgumo.
In a previous post you have already mentioned that you have “experienced” these beings.
I am interested in these beings and would therefore like to ask how to meet them?
Are they physical or not? And do you know a way to meet them? Thanks in advance!

No they’re spiritual yokai entities

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