Different types of succubi?

Thank you, and the second part of my question?

Ishtar has djinn, just as Aphrodite a Goddess of love, sex, and at one point war has Erote angels of love/sex.

Those djinn apparently have a reputation of being similar to that of succubi or being the precursor to succubi.

I mean not everything sexual is a succubus lol. Djinn are very capable of sexual natures. It’s more that there’s not much awareness around anything else but succubus.


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Granted, but there had to be something else before the discovery before succubi. Otherwise, why else would Djinn be wrapped up in the crossfire of being confused with them?

You do realize many being sexual in nature gets wrapped up in the crossfire of being considered a succubus, that’s not based off some mystical reason lol it’s based off people who can’t tell the difference between a succubus, a djinn, and fae, among other beings linked to love or sex.

It’s more people not being able to scan/read energies, djinn are nature spirits who have very sexual natures, succubus aren’t nature spirits they’re dark energy beings.

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Okay, after some research and follow. I’ve come to this logic. You mean to tell me that Ishtar, who is a sky goddess isn’t capable of creating succubi, when Lucifer who is also known by Babylon as Prince of the powers of the air? Lucifer=Prince of the powers of the air. Ishtar=a sky goddess of both love and war.

Conclusion and connection: Ishtar is just as capable of creating a faction of succubi, djinn, fae, and even more. Whether a person can scan or read is based on the energy right in front of them. Love or sex is natural no matter what element they come from.

That’s not how that works I get your attempt at trying to force connections but your research makes no sense lol sorry. Succubus are dark energy demons, sure she can create something like them with the “blueprints” from Lilith or her sisters but Ishtar is not a dark energy being her energy is light and sky. You’re forcing connections based off basic information you chose to twist to prove a point lol

This fun debate could go on for centuries. If they share the element or interest of lust or love in any sense, it is safe to say that they can create the same sort of beings according to their own design. Lucifer is known as the Light-Bringer and Morning Star. Basic information being twisted is not how I do things. Now my perception being off by a mil(Artillery measurement) is possible, but highly unlikely. Lucifer having a star as potential symbol…Ishtar has a star as part of her symbology…I think I see a little star alignment here. Either that or pure coincidence. Lilith and Ishtar are connected according to Babylon lore. So it’s entirely possible that Ishtar could have passed her knowledge of spiritual children on to Lilith and vice versa. So again, it’s entirely possible for Ishtar to potentially have either succubi or something of very similar concept and construct.

You do realize titles like love and lust have nothing to do with the races that a deity creates it’s more to do with their energies. Love and war are roles, just as Set is a God of love/lust and war he was a protector of the pantheon just as Ishtar protects hers, love and lust is a very very common title given among gods by humanity nothing to overstretch and go “oh lust? they must have succubus under them”

Light bringer is literally a title to display a bringer of knowledge and his role as an angel lol, and those that wish to consider Lucifer the titan god of the morning star. The star is a widely shared symbol among many beings it’s practically baseless connections based on a overall symbol lol.

Ishtar’s succubus would not be dark energy succubus, hence why Djinn call Ishtar mother because they share her and her brother’s energy lol. Succubus are a race of dark energy demons, so what Ishtar creates would pretty much not be considered succubus let alone demons.

It’s just as bad as when someone thinks Lucifer and Lilith can make lava mermaids or land mermaids and still think theyre mermaids lol.

Djinn are Ishtar’s succubus are lilith and her sisters, trying to force ishtar to have some kind of lordship over succubus because of a connection between the two is taking what Lilith and her sisters created and slapping bare minimum connections to it lol.

Djinn and succubus aren’t the same but theyre both like any being capable of sexual tendencies.

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Look, I know what I’m talking about. There’s a solid connection between the concepts. Ishtar might not call them succubi. But the true ultimate fact of the matter is that light spirit children can go dark if they want to and vice versa if their creative parentage gives them the sphere of capacity to do so. Originally, succubi and incubi were neither dark nor light anyways. Religions just tended to demonize them over the centuries due to their reputation. My spiritual convictions tell me what I know is right about Ishtar, Lilith, and spiritual children such as succubi/incubi and djinn.

What you’re saying is like saying that succubi and incubi can’t morph themselves to fit their lover’s preference or tendencies or that they can’t take on the personage of a wife or husband to mate with a human. The very same can be said in terms of djinn. It is easy to think that there are baseless connections between certain beings but they’re there. One merely has to open their spiritual senses just enough to see the truth. We’re talking about 3 major beings here that are within the scope of Babylonian lore as well as other cultures and traditions. There is always a connection when you look at it from that angle.


You do realize Ishtar’s djinn were the one’s demonized right?

and again that’s not exactly how that works, I’m talking about literal core energies, elemental energies. They don’t just go dark or light lol, you’re on the conceptial idea of dark and light while I’m on their literal elemental energies. Djinn are nature spirits who were demonized and called demons, succubus were always demons.

it has nothing to do with morphing to fit their lover’s preferences they can’t morph their energies into whatever elemental energy the lover wants, they shapeshift their appearance into whatever their lover wants.

Succubus are shapeshifters, djinn are polymorphic, it seems you don’t know what you’re talking about and just continiously trying to force Ishtar into a place she isn’t in :man_facepalming:

There’s always a connection between things but not in a way you are trying to force, but at this point I think it’s better that I stop and let you go out and actually experience what I mean.

I have experience with Lilith, Ishtar, Djinn, and Succubus on top of indepth research. Ishtar has nothing to do with succubus, Lilith has nothing to do with Djinn.

Djinn are nature spirits who embody multiple different elements from fire, water, earth, air, solar, and the likes and succubus/incubus are dark energy beings born from Lilith and her sisters. Ishtar is a sky Goddess lilith and her sisters are the first succubus and queens of succubus and to some a Dark ‘Goddess’. Doesn’t mean Ishtar and Lilith have the same beings under them but such is experiences.

I’ll leave it at that lol, good luck experiencing what’s there.



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Polymorphic and the ability to shape shift are synonyms.

Not in this instance.

Polymorphic entities such as kitsune, Djinn, and shadow people can turn into people and objects, animals,mix and match things.

Succubus can only change their appearance to people and animals.

So yes Djinn are polymorphic while succubus are shapeshift very limited.

Also polymorphic and shapeshifting aren’t really synonymous atleast by official definitions. Polymorphism is a wider range than shapeshifting.

U know I still desire to make contract, and commutate with a Kitsune, side note do u know any sigil, or symbol to make contract with female spirits only? .

No such thing as a female only spirit sigil…

oh ok, i just interest an attracting female entries, or spirits that all