Different types of grimoires

This its how my grimoires(book of Shadows)
Looks like.
Please,make a photo and share how your grimoire looks like🙂


I used to have magical journals but due to strange Catholic-like paranoias I destroyed them :frowning: i remember writing there some superb love letters to my twin flame. they were of superb quality, i regret having done this so much. :frowning: would post it there if i still had them. now i’ve got only a sheetbook of several pages length

When I think about this now, I’ve started magic working too old an age, I had Catholic mind programming in the age of 20-22 and in childhood and I cant get past it till now. None of my magic spells , journals, writings, rune rows persisted till today. Its so important to avoid Catholicism at all costs its a dangerous cult, I havent managed to do this and it paid for me.

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This older thread might be of interest What does BALG forum's books of shadow and grimoires look like?
I posted mine there.

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