Different methods for manifestation

I did some research, but I couldn’t find a lot besides the traditional methods used for the manifestation of an entity during evocation, burning incense and scrying with a black mirror or bowl.

I was wondering, has anyone tried working with other things, like for example using steam from boiling water or burning other materials? If so, would this require any additional ‘life containing’ elements as in fresh blood or semen for it to be succesful?

Pure darkness can act as a potent manifestation base if you can “sanctify” it as a type of abyss.

The whole area becomes essentially a scryable medium and your physical eyes are relieved of the burden of processing a mundane rooms features while you conjure a spirit. Watch for the darkness to open like a sigil and a figure or points of light to emerge. You will also find sounds manifest more easily in the darkness.

I just got the idea of using a live plant or heavily fertilized dark soil… Like visualizing their sigil within the soil and feeding off of the energy like a plant would

At first I thought it was odd, but then I remembered that some very powerful spirits have a plant as a physical base (Peyote, weed, magic mushrooms, etc). Maybe that’s also how tea leaf readings work? Not necessarily manifesting the entity itself… just it’s energies and message

Or maybe try having them manifest in crystals, especially quartz, since that is supposed to amplify energy

I also know a lot of people use honey as an offering, but I have also wondered about using that as a manifestation base itself,… like pure honey from wild bees, not the processed stuff, so it would still be full of vibrant energy for the spirit to work with

I’m not sure if I wanna do that to my weed plant xD Or maybe I should.

No, seriously that’s an interesting thought nue, I think it could work for a visible evocation in stead of a physical one as it’s energy like you stated.

Thought of one more thing, although it seems to be powerful, I have no idea how to actually make it work… maybe… lightning? Or the cliche thing in horror movies where you leave the TV on a static test channel and scry into that… x3 I’m just brainstorming here lol … Ok maybe instead of lightning, there could be a way to pull energy from regular batteries for spirits to use… some bastardized version of psyonics!

I like the static channel idea, that could be quite easy to influence for the entity with a minimal effort. As for the lightning…yeah…:stuck_out_tongue:

Today someone suggested me to try the Facial Reflection Distortion Technique with a black mirror, using the morphing of your own face to see the entity. I had never heard of it, I’m sure most of you have. For those who haven’t, here’s the method.

Got it from

The Exercise

The technique requires a black mirror or comparable obscure reflective device. If you don’t already have one, read these instructions on making a black mirror. If you prefer, you may use an alternative, more extemporaneous reflective surface, such as a bowl of darkly colored liquid (or a black bowl filled with water or ink). The primary difference would be in the physical posture that you would be required to maintain during the operation.

The technique also requires hand-held candles, and while it is unlikely, it’s possible that one might naturally slip into a deep enough trance state to drop a candle. Therefore, we recommend having an observer present, especially the first few times.

Equipment List

stiff-backed chair
table or comparable surface
black mirror or comparable device
hand-held candlesticks (with drip guards to protect your hands)

  1. Set up in a room with all sources of natural light blocked off. The black mirror should be set on the table so that it’s roughly at eye level or slightly below (prop it up as as necessary; a few books usually does the trick) and about arm’s length from the face when seated. Be sure that you situate yourself and the mirror so that you can see your face reflected in the surface. If using a bowl of dark liquid, you’ll need to situate yourself so that you can gaze down into the bowl and see your face reflected back.

  2. Light the candles and hold them so that the flames are not reflected in the mirror and are not in your direct line of sight. When you look at your facial reflection in the mirror, your face should be illuminated from either side by the candlelight. Some get best results from leaning forward and resting the elbows on the table surface, while others do better leaning slightly back and holding the candles somewhat away from the body. You’ll have to experiment to find what works best for you.

  3. Perform a basic relaxation sequence, then follow up with a deep relaxation or simple self-hypnosis induction. Most do well with a single technique like this one, but do some research and experiment to find what works best for you. You don’t need to achieve a deep hypnotic state for this work. Strive for a nicely relaxed state. A mild trance will naturally develop as you go, and is really all you need.

  4. Look at your facial reflection. At first, make an effort to avoid blinking, but don’t worry too much if you realize that you’ve blinked. Maintain your relaxed state and simply gaze at the reflection.

  5. At some point your face will morph, usually within a few minutes. If this doesn’t happen, don’t worry about it. If your relaxed state feels stable, just keep gazing. If your state is interrupted, you may reset, go through your relaxation sequence again, then continue gazing. If you still get no results, try again another day.

  6. When your face does morph, it’s likely to be a startling effect. You may be shocked out of your state the first time, or even the first few times. If so, be content with your progress and work at it again another day.

  7. When you can observe the morphing image and continue to maintain your state, allow the face to morph without exerting any mental effort to control it. Do this for as long as you desire.

  8. When finished, return to your natural state with a little gentle stretching, and then a little something to eat.

Practice this technique until you can get a morphing image in the mirror consistently.

The Mechanics

The visual effects caused by the technique really are visual; they’re not “astral” per se, they don’t take place in the “mind’s eye,” and they’re not hallucinations. There’s a relatively simple physiological mechanism that, along with the basic mechanisms of perception, create the effects. I think that anyone who uses the technique should have at least a basic concept of what’s going on, so here it is in brief:

By gazing without blinking for a little while, the ciliary muscles that are responsible for lens accommodation fatigue, which prevents sharp focus, which subsequently degrades the visual signal. Even before the ciliary muscles fatigue, the visual signal is already somewhat ambiguous because of the obscured reflective devise and the variable and low light conditions created by the hand-held candles. So the perceptual system is receiving a degraded, ambiguous image that is roughly in the shape of a face.

That right there was some really helpful info, thanks!

Oh yea, I forgot to mention… Maybe fog! Think of all the ghost stories of people seeing spirits in the foggy woods… all of that still vapor must be easy for them to manipulate!

Succupedia did a cool post here: What I'm Doing To Open My Psychic Senses

The problem with using steam, as a former member here pointed out, is that it could eventually cause mold to grow, and the spores from some molds that grow indoors are actually pretty dangerous, so it’s something to use with care.

I don’t use incense much myself because it irritates the hell out of my sinuses, I mainly scry onto a wall or black mirror, or do a full evocation without a physical base, or I use the shadows cast into a corner by this silk-flame lamp I have that casts moving shadows.

When I was younger I used images or statues, and I still have those for my long-term spirits I have pacts with, I think evoking a spirit into an image is a very good approach that’s overlooked by modern magicians. The eyes will appear to come alive, it’s a lot more effective than it seems.

I had a dream once where people were buying things that looked kind of like glass shower cubicles that could be filled with smoke, and they were wired for sound inside a “devil’s toybox” mirror contraption on the roof, but I think it’ll be a while before we see those on Amazon! lol!!

I concur with the darkness approach – but see no need to “sanctify” anything. If you sit alone in complete darkness and with as much silence as possible, in a room with comfortably warm temperature, you are going to start seeing things. 100% guaranteed.

Couldn’t agree more. My room is always pitch black except for my laptop screen facing me. I always see stuff out of the corner of my eye. I always feel like somebody’s watchin me! (sorry had to throw in that MJ song)

I’ve been looking into this stuff called Ormus again, and it may be relevant here. Even if there was nothing “real” to it, as a paradigm, I’m impressed with how versatile and how it can be used in conjunction with just about any other paradigm without conflict.

Talk about manifestation! Read the accounts of people who begin taking this stuff, and you’ll quickly see the parallels compared what happens to neophyte magicians as they develop along their path.

Now this ormus stuff is repelled by magnetic fields, and can be collected with magnetic traps. Thinking big, I found some geomagnetic maps, thinking areas of low geomagnetic activity would be large scale ormus traps. It just so happens these low magnetic field areas line up with some of the most paranormal places on earth.

Skinwalker Ranch for one. If you listen to some of the crazy ass shit that manifests over there, and some point you’re going to hear someone say “It knew what I was thinking”. It’s a generally accepted fact among skinwalker researchers that whatever is out there can read your mind. I think it more likely these are personal manifestations, which is why it seems like their mind is being read.

If people taking a bit of ormus have increased manifestation levels, then imagine the poor schmuck who wanders into a large scale natural ormus collector! You get crazy ass shit like the skin walker ranch.

This whole ormus thing fits with the idea of fumes rising up from the blood. Could be the ormus life force dissipating, released in the same manner by burning things for smoke. If you’re using the vapor/smoke route in your evocations, you might want to try using ormus rich materials on a strong magnetic field to help release them.

I still have lots of experimenting to do on this, much of which I can’t do until the snow melts…