Differences between demons/genies and devils

Hi, what are the differences between genies and devils in pre-islam/satanic islam.
The only thing I know is that devils are probably more powerful.

I would like to have a detailed explanation of both.
Like the types or names of genies and devils like ghouls,marids and efreets.


Demons are demons, Djinn/genies were nature spirits before they were altered by Islamic faith.

Devils are an older form of demons.

Asmodeus is a famous djinn, same as Paimon, or the elemental king of fire Djin


Azazel too, hes part djinn.



Azazel is part djinn? How so?

Azazel is considered an aspect of the creator of Djinn not exactly part Jinn. It’s through his research he dates back to the sumerian djinn who are tied to Inanna and her brother Shamash who Azazel is tied to but azazel is also tied to the islamic jinn through shaitan.


Sooo…what is Azazel?

I already explained it in the text…his text link him to Shamash.

You said is tied back, not is. So he is jinn or an aspect of their creation? All I’m understanding is that he is an aspect of their creation and is tied to jinns of different cultures/times not necessarily what type of being he is.

I didn’t think it needed to be differentiated in this concept.

I don’t think it’s hard to put two and two together tbh.


Good. :+1:

In pre-Islam, the jinn (Romanized: djinn. Anglicized: genies) were understood to be Arabian nature spirits, similar to satyrs or nymphs in Greek mythology. Perhaps even sinilar to the fae. They were known to inhabit the deserts, and associated with the wind. While the people generally feared their tricky nature, the nomads who often roamed the isolated lands were in cooperation with the jinn.

Devils/demons/fiends have varying origin stories, mainly found within Islam. Pre-Islam has jinn and fiends regarded as the same. The latter being those with a wicked nature. In Islam, devils/demons are known as shaitans. As I mentioned, there are multiple viewpoints of what exactly they are; a common issue in Islam. While some say that they are their own distinct kin- created from smoke or hellfire- others believe they are a type of jinn. It’s not really about which is more powerful, but more so that they have different ways of being.

I personally don’t subscribe to the idea of Azazel being a jinn or related to the jinn at all. Islam tends to lack a solid definition for some major aspects of their belief. I believe the reason Azazel is placed as the main transgressor in one of the stories of Islams rebellion story comes from Enoch 10:12:

“All the earth has been corrupted by the effects of the teaching of Azazel. To him therefore ascribe the whole crime.”

And jinns already being altered by Islam as a major class of spirits in their faith, his ties to them followed. Later on being increased by occultists.


That makes sense. So basically nature related spirits that through Islamic belief/religion became djinns?

They’ve always been jinn. It’s more so that they have been warped by Islam into spirits who take root in their theology. In other words: they were borrowed and incorporated into Islam


Hmm okay. Kinda what other religions/cultures do to other spirits as well.


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They’re all jinn lol

They’re not though.

Demon and devil I’d hold roughly synonymous for spirit cast into the underworld rather than inherently of it. Djinn are a whole different fuckeroo, the claim being that they’re of our world.

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Exactly. There’s different types of jinn. I say use the term that makes you comfortable