Die *She did me dirty?

I was 17, she 25, was this hard rock chick, satanist type… I got hookd, she was smthng different, new… Sex was out if this world, we were on hard drugs most of the time (Ketamine mostly) … After 8mnths, she calle me “home”, we did some K, … Then she told me she got pregnant with some other dude she was seeing that whole time and that she wass gonna move with him… Broke me into pieces, i was angry, i was numb… She hugd me, calmd me… We decided to spend the night, one last. I did some more K, she didnt. I passe out, woke up after some time, my head in her lap, her hands on my forehead, her head titled back, speakin some shit in a language i don t think it was latin (i never found out…), i woke up fvck scared and creepd, she didn t even flinched… Yelled at her, tried to snap her back… Nothing… I was so fvckn druggd i ran, almost bare naked, my feet bare…there were some candles arround us, i remember that bcs it was the only light in the house, and there was this moulded smell, like got stuck in my throath.
So, anybody can tell me if that s why my life went downhill after that episode? I became relentless… Nothing good came out anymore.
Did *she cursed me?
Please & thank you :pray:

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You were doing so many drugs you didn’t notice your woman was cheating on you for nearly a year, and you think your life went downhill after that?

I don’t think she cursed you, she had no motivation to do that, but you probably picked up parasites, as most druggies do - the drugs open you up to them and you don’t even know you’ve been infested.

Check out the parasites 101 thread (search at top right) and learn how to cleanse and banish unhelpful energies as a start.


I am dead :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Older lady seduce younger guy. Most probably would like that. if it were me, i would forego the drugs and experience it sober. than again, she won’t go for you if you weren’t into drugs. That’s the hard rock chick environment. It’s a phase. they go around hooking up. no cursing here. Just normal hard rock chick behavior.

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I’ve heard that when we have sex with someone, there is an exchange of energy. She doesn’t seem to be a person who is clean energetically so you could have picked up some of that fore sure.

As for a spell I doubt she’d chant it over you while you were there. Maybe she did cast something I can’t tell. Just clear yourself and banish.

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Beware of sexually transmitted demons!


That’s so totally true! I enjoy orgies with succubus and incubus and it seems when having sex with humans there is lots of poltergeist going on

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After?? What about before. It might take some reflection on your part - but from what I’m reading, things were already going downhill via drug use/etc. I honestly wouldn’t blame the bad luck or things going downhill on her. It’s seems pretty mudane to me. Very straight forward. You just can’t see it when your going through it.

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In what way did it go downhill?