Did you seek a spirit out or did a spirit approach you?

Hello everyone. I would like to find out about your experiences and what it has been like for you since you started practicing. Did you feel a pull to a specific path or being? Did a being approach you? I would love to know.

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I did feel a pull to a certain path, about a year ago. I resisted that particular path due to the rumors surrounding the religious aspects of said path. The pull didn’t disappear, and reoccurred up until I decided to give this path a chance in mid December.

Baron Samedi, Maman Bridgette, and Kalfu approached me of their own volition all within the next month, after having spoken with Papa Legba who I was looking for but was quick to respond.

As far as demons/ angels go- I’ve never had an angel approach me if I wasn’t looking for them. Demons have been about half and half. Some I was looking for and others have shown up on their own when I was about to embark on a project.


Wow that’s pretty cool. I haven’t contacted Papa Legba myself but this has been an area of fascination for me! I would love to know more. I’m learning so much absorbing info like a sponge :wink:. I told myself I’m going to stick to one thing at time though when it comes to working with Spirits because from experience I was noticed it’s easy to get lost and you can easy lose track of what’s going on around you. Sometimes you can’t help that and with time you just hope to return to anything you need to look into again and retrace information and see things with fresh eyes for what they were and what they are and what that means for you! I personally feel better however if I feel more in control and keep track of what’s happening around me. One day you feel impatient and long for an outcome and then it feels surreal realising it already happened and you don’t even know when. You are simply there scratching your head going like aha. :wink::grinning:

I just went out to experience, no path or entity called to me, more like I just let whatever happen happen, learn from it and move on to whatever else happens lol.

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Yeah that’s pretty cool.
What do you do? If you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

I do energy manipulation, direct and sometimes indirect, divination(tarot, oracle, pendulum, and sometimes runes) I also do etheric/spiritual projection.


Interesting. Can you tell me about etheric projection. I haven’t heard much about this topic? :blush:

Yes many of them approached me when I caught up in not so great situation, ignored their messages for a few years to the point they went the path of least resistance and even then they still possessed people around me for short periods of time to get me back on track.

They stopped possessing people near me and went back to watching again.

Etheric projection is basically projecting to the spiritual plane, often times people confuse it for the astral which is a mental plane where your imagination can manifest anything and everything (fears, desires, loves, basically anything) and home to thoughtforms. While the Etheric is home to beings like the Gods, Demons, Angels, Yokai, Humans, etc. It’s a spiritual plane to us but to them it’s their physical plane. Energy is tangible there, it’s density is faster or “higher” than ours, but it’s not completely different from our own.

While in the astral you don’t really need to practice to do things, because as long as you can imagine it, you can do it, but the the etheric you actually need to practice to achieve things.

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Well. What I’ve found also far with my workings surrounding the loa, is there is very little information out there that isn’t tainted with the voodoo religious practices or rules so to speak. I figure great to anyone who works that way, but I don’t. My personal gnosis to date however has matched what I can find as well as some experiences my boyfriend has had.

For example, before I contacted legba I did a cursory glance of more popular loa, read e.a koettings book the spider and the green butterfly and mostly anything I can find without the religious context.

What I didn’t do was take an in-depth look at how theses spirits tend to appear to us humans, or anything majorly in depth, as I didn’t have any impending plans to work with any of them.

When Baron Samedi appeared to me it was quite a surprise. I was outside smoking a cigarette because the boyfriend doesn’t smoke inside. It took a few minutes I think before I realized I was being watched. I went back and forth on well. I could somehow be hallucinating. That was ok when the baron jumped in with * yeah you could be but you know your not…* oh Fck me. Now I’m seeing and hearing things…

I don’t remember asking who it was, but simply knowing as if he projected or sent the information telepathically. He appeared to me in very similar clothing and aspects as I later saw describing him. (Googled it up the next day.) we had a hilarious conversation, he asked about working with me, particularly in regards to possession. I was like nah. Don’t think so. I’m the operator and I prefer you all in your own little boxes, where I can maintain control of myself.

Then he was like well. What about if I stayed in my own little box but that box was in your mind, and you could choose as things came up to do it or not. To say it or not.

I walked away laughing. Nope don’t think so. I’m still the operator. Btw the boyfriend doesn’t let spirits come inside so maybe you can find me later and discuss what you actually want to work with me on or what your looking to gain from me.

I went inside and the boyfriends like… wtf is out there…

Well I mean really? You felt something… here I think I was being tested out there, and you felt it…wtf.


Wow yeah.

Woah sounds intense. What are your thoughts on possession and have you ever been possessed? I’m interested to know.

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I haven’t been possessed but my ex is what they consider a “meatsack” and husband says he is more aggressive when Azazel takes over, and when that happened my husband has no memory of what happened or what we talked about even though at the time Azazel was trying to hide he took over.

If you don’t mind what do you mean by meatstack Im not sure what this means?

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There isn’t much to him, he is just kind mostly a body that parasites take over and demons have access to (but they are disgusted by it and hate it).

Ahh thanks for explaining

Also had some experiences with a Spirit that left me feeling confused. I think I was partially possessed and I don’t remember much. It during was a difficult time in my life and I didn’t want to remember and be aware as well because I was going through a lot of trauma. Honestly I don’t know the purpose in it, but thats for another time when doing shadow work. I learnt that hard way not every Spirit is the right one just because you think they are and decide to call them. Some spirits are more tough love but that doesnt always work if you are a beginner and are broken in the first place. Being a beginner can be hard I remember where I started.
Point is when you are broken you need to work with the light to heal, and the darkness and dark forces aren’t always a good remedy. Then again it depends on the Spirit.

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Either way I’m back on what I was supposed to, which is going to be interesting during this pandemic.

What do you mean specifically?

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Apparently I was supposed to have another son, and apparently I was supposed to have him a year ago, but I’m having him next month. Should be interesting to say the least. (The time frame I’m having him, due to what is going on in the world, I’m excited to meet him).