Did you know GOD does it?

Did you know that YHWH is the author of diabolical possessions and he forces the spirits that do possess people to do so against their will.

Think that over for a minute.

So there is a very devout Catholic Priest, Fr. Chad Ripperger, super intelligent, the darling of traditional Catholics and an exorcist. Like THOUSANDS of exorcisms.

One point he mentions that could be a lynchpin point is that YHWH forces the possessing spirits to possess a person. At least that’s what the spirits tell him in session. Fr Ripperger will ask, “Why are you here?” They will say “I don’t know.” “What do you mean you don’t know?” “HE told me to go here!”

Why bring this up? The image of YHWH being this benevolent god is again thwarted when we realize, according to his own exorcists, HE determines the spirits possessing a person, HE assigns the day of deliverance, HE controls the intensity and manifestation, etc. all the initiative is on his side as to what a person will go through.

It torments both the human and the possessing spirit. Just another instance of sadism…even the exorcist admits the point of a successful exorcism is to increase the psychological pin on a possessing spirit to such a degree that it shuts down and ceases to function. Active torment of sentient spirits is what exorcism is.


So, basically God creates problems and sells himself as the solution. And he does so by forcing spirits to do things against their will. I know I’ve said that a few times.


@Jaden_Isaac Yea. Literally yes.

And Zeus demanded fresh sacrifices or he would destroy humankind…again. And Thor slaughtered innocent people for fun :man_shrugging:

People like to act as if the Christian god is the only one that demands servitude. Greek mythology alone is full of instances of the gods acting like dicks to humans yet all those on the LHP seems to dwell on is Yahweh.

Also, with all the bias against the Judaic religions present here and everywhere on the LHP, why would you even believe what a priest says a supposed possessing spirit told him? It just feeds into the bias.

And don’t forget the Greek gods would purposely create monsters to torment people and then send “heroes” to kill them to earn praise.


Thank you for additionally emphasizing he is no different from any other pantheon.

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He’s not any different, but it always gets me how people like to whitewash the fact that the gods that modern pagans work with, such as the Greek and the Norse, were all pretty much bastards who committed pretty terrible acts upon mankind but people only criticize Yahweh, as if he’s the only one. Historically speaking, most of his stories were cribbed from earlier mythologies so the acts attributed to him are actually the acts of others lol

Yahweh is a storm and war god who usurped his father’s throne when the ancient Semitic peoples were conquered by the Babylonians and they needed a more aggressive deity to worship in captivity.


The other gods don’t lie about their intent and who they are. That’s the thing.

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They absolutely do lie.

For example, Odin. Many of his tales involve manipulating others for less than savory reasons

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But not about his own nature. For example we like to say YHWH is truth and in him there is no darkness. Yet he conspires with the angels and demons as to who would go and be a lying spirit in the mouths of his own prophets. He TRIES and succeeds in leading astray the multitudes as to the reality of his own being- so he cannot be that transcendent God beyond being, but only one of the emanations with its imperfections.

Gods absolutely will lie about their own nature to get what they want. Just because they aren’t YHWH, it doesn’t mean they’re infallible. In terms of morality, the gods are no different than humans.

Correction: humans are the ones saying this, not God himself. The Bible and the stories within it were ultimately fabricated by humans, some of them even taken from different mythologies, like Darkest Knight said.

The gods may exist, but it’s humans who decide how to worship them and who is “deserving” of that god’s favor, irregardless of how the god in question may feel.


Hello my friend. I disagree, (Yahweh) or IT, is a parasite not a God. Flip the story of the greatest lie evertold. Was it the Devil or Yahweh that convinced the “world” he/she didn’t exist? Think about DC’s bizarro world…
Have we had it backwards all along? Are we under a construct created by a parasite that has been gaining power for a millennium or longer? Could it be that “faith” followers feed this parasite?
We are following the correct path and will not allow a parasite to control us or our plane.


Sorry, dude, but the actual historical record that we have available to us shows Yahweh to indeed be a god, one no different than Zeus, or Thor. He belongs to the Canaanite pantheon, along with Ba’al. Just because people on the LHP have an extreme and often unreasonable bias against the religion founded in his name doesn’t negate this fact.

And by branding him a “parasite,” you are engaging in exactly the same thing that demonolators always whine about Christians doing when they demonize the gods of other cultures.


I wonder if Yawheh ever prompted people to disrespect the demonic spirits they respect.

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Ill take a hard pass on anything abrahamic


I’ll go a step further and proclaim that Yahweh was/is an ET who genetically manipulated his “chosen race” to fight a war he was having against the Orion group. :wink:

I don’t consider the bible to be “history,” considering there were political motivations for writing most of the material in there, as well as full rip-offs of Sumerian myths.

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Well there is such a thing as biblical archaeology, so…

Archaeology is different, as it’s a science in itself. The bible, however, shouldn’t be considered “proof” of anything considering what I mentioned above.

So, what has archaeology found that “proves” Yahweh is a god? I’m not trying to be rude here, I’m actually curious. :slight_smile:

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When I said historical record, I wasn’t taking about the bible. His name is found on an ancient Egyptian inscription from the age of Amenhotep III. The prevailing theory is that Yahweh originated with the Shasu, who were a Semitic tribe of nomads and then eventually made his way North into Canaan via traders.

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Well nothing. But it is historically accurate to a fairly high degree.

I hate the Bible and Quran doctrines, but just like how demons weren’t born from the Torah or Bible, Angels weren’t either. And angels are the infinite celestial might of all vibratory planes, outer and inner. Love or hate the Abrahamic faith, the higher angels are undoubtedly the most insanely, vastly powerful beings out there and can man-handle pagan gods and Qliphothic sphere rulers alike. Seen as much myself and I sport that experience proudly.

Today’s fussy pagan witches can stay mad. :sunglasses: