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What are the order of beings that are beyond the archangels?

The archangels are actually the second lowest order, since they are the administers of mankind’s affairs but act on part of the Throne itself. So they nonetheless have extreme authority. But rising above them are Principalities, Orders, Virtues, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim.

Uriel is believed to be a Cherubim, Michael acts directly according to the high throne, Raziel Administers from the High Throne, and Metatron delivers wisdom from the Thone.


Where can I find out more on the levels of Heaven? Did you get this from written material?

Yes. There are many sources from the Golden Dawn, as well as independent grimoire authors. It’s well established in Jewish Kabbala and European esoteric traditions for centuries, and widely accessible info.

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What beings are there above the angels?

There are records of Kabbala mapping out the heavenly spheres above Kether. There’s also belief the Enochian angels reside outside of Kether as well. But ultimately at the top, there is source mind. (omnipresent awareness)


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