Did some visualisation, guy became obsessed/lusty

So no change?

Mate, if you want to comment on my Avi please don’t do it on someone else’s thread…it’s kinda rude!!


First of all, this is not about ethics, it’s about responsibility. So don’t give me the excuse that we are on a lhp forum.

Secondly, I don’t care what you do. But you shared something in public, so it’s open to criticism. Deal with it.

I would think intense lust would typically go hand in hand with most successful love spells, people are going to lust for those they are in love with


Lust spells are love spells really

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She doesn’t have to - the rules regarding a working thread include no moralising at people. You don’t like the OP’s stated aims? Great - go read something else.

Otherwise the forum descends into bickering and aggressive name-calling, and worse. You may have not been aware of this rule, you are now.


That might have been his way of starting the connection. In my experience, men fall in love the opposite way to a lot of women, - women need the connection to want the sex, men need the sex to form the connection.
There’s nothing wrong with lust as the thing that gets the relationship going, and why not enjoy him for a while anyway?

I used to play the field, looking for casual sex because as an aromantic I didn’t want anything more than a booty buddy - every single guy I had wanted “more” and deeper, monogamy and LTRs the lot. I picked them because they were pretty, and said they wanted NSA, and casual - they lied. Fuck a fuckboy well and he’s yours.

But be careful, their feelings can be very delicate (they just really don’t want you to know that), so rejecting him could have messed your chances up with this one for god. The good (aka interesting, smart, fun ones) ones have enough pride not to come back for more punishment.

But getting over him is not just an option - it’s inevitable. It’s how humans work. Time will fix it for you. The energy feels permanent when you’re in it, but it’s really not.


That can happen astrally, telepathically and via dreams it seems.

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Fair enough

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So whatever ended up happening with this?

Reason I’m asking is, I did a few visualizations on a guy awhile back (oops) and now that I’m moving on (since he hardly speaks to me, just stares at me) and have pulled back, he’s been acting jealous and a bit obsessed, like a possessive lover. We’ve never had sex in the real world… yet we did in the visualizations.

I think I’m having some difficulty understanding what your goal is. So you want him to love you but you have no interest in him sexually? I must be missing something here.

Try Beleth for this guy.

can you explain “visualizing” to me? i’ve been trying and practicing what i understand visualizing is, but havent had any luck at all =/ .

am i perhaps trying to visualize too gigh of a goal?

Yes, you visualize with your third eye what you want to achieve. Just visualizing it is not enough though, you have to feel like you already got what you want.

Look for some visualization exercises to help you.

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aaaaaahhhh!!! the “already got it” part is what im missing


The very basis of an emotional connection is the need to procreate and without sex there would be no romantic love because it wouldn’t have ever evolved from it’s necessity. Men fall in love after sex because of hardwired biology. The purpose of male love is to insure he sticks around long enough to protect feed and care for the offspring when it is at it’s most vulnerable to insure the survival of said offspring.
The female needs to fall in love and have a connection for two reasons. One, to make sure she has chosen the most suitable male for the purpose while she and the offspring are in that vulnerable state. Two, so she unconsciously enacts the cues that will register with the male in order for him to reach the emotional connection. Women only fall in love with the male so that the male will love them enough to stick around to insure the survival of the children.
Female love for a male and male love for a female are completely different human expressions of love. For the male it is a devotional and service based bordering on unconditional for for the purpose of being willing to put up with a significant amount of strife while the female goes through irrational and incomprehensible mood swings and erratic behavior due to hormonal changes and overloads. Female love for a male is nothing more than infatuation based on perceived genetic superiority and certain conditions being met. If the female had any other form of love it would be non beneficial at best and self destructive at worst. The female is designed to 86 the male as soon as he can no longer provide what is necessary. If the horse breaks his leg then its off to the glue factory. This may sound a bit callous but who ever said nature and biology was anything but. The reason being is because of genetic investment. An Island with 100 men and 1 woman can only produce 1 child but an Island with 100 women and 1 man can produce 100 children. The female has a greater genetic investment and is helpless for a good portion of the process and needs the support of the male the male has little investment and doesn’t need the female for anything whatsoever besides companionship and sex.
The only time the male needs a female is if he plans on raising children to adulthood. If the female is absent and the male chooses not to abandon the offspring he’s going to need a hand dealing with those kids.
So if you are a male and you want to maintain your relationship then put down the videogame controller and be useful.

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Maybe give freewill a chance. Those are the universal rules in regards to love.

Wow. That’s pretty deep in regards to the first paragraph in reference to feeling a connection in wanting to have sex vs wanting to have sex to feel a connection. This is so true but I’ve just never heard it placed n2 this context b4. That’s literally pure wisdom my friend. It may be nothing to you but your words opened my heart because I can see this from a different approach.

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I have to agree. You could really be digging yourself a hole you may not be able to get out of. If he has guardians and you further anger them it could be really bad for you.

What did you visualise doing to him , can you please elaborate