Did some visualisation, guy became obsessed/lusty

I did some visualisation on someone that I liked alot and imagined him being nice to me. And I also sent him lots of positive energy.

Suddenly he started to act strange and started to lust after me
I wanted him to fall in love with me not lust after me so I rejected him
And then he became mad at me for this.
I tried to explain and I told him I like you but this is not what I want…
But he didn’t understand

And then he blocked me on all social media expect Skype…lol

I’m feeling heartbroken and want this guy to genuinely love me and stuff and apologise to ne but idk where to even start and what to do.


If his reaction to your work was lust, it is safe to say that anymore work on him will likely create more dangerous behavior


Getting over him is not an option, I have wanted him to like me for like two years at least

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Tread lightly then


Never heard of magick love spells gone wrong? It happens, you heighten their feelings for you, but love is tricky may not always be what you want.


I didn’t even light a candle or anything.

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Magick is in everything we do, you are a very good Khaos Magi if you can influence via thought and energy.


That’s the actions of a child, not a man. I don’t think you need this guy simply because of something like that, it’s pretty fucked on his part and it’s honestly childish from my POV as a guy.

But I do understand. Without magick, I would say to just give this guy his space since he definitely seems to need it. With magick, Duke Sallos, Astarte, and Aphrodite. I’m getting Duke Sallos especially for this.


I only influenced them being extra nice to me not anything lustful
I don’t understand how this happened

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It’s tough to say really, maybe this guy has bad character and being nice, in his mind, doesn’t mean what you think.

You can definitely influence him further, but you may have to learn to counter certain reactions.


Possibly a result of how his subconscious received the impressions. Some people react strongly to magickal influence.


I know the way he reacted was pretty much horrible this happened yesterday, I feel if I let him have his silence for too long then hell just forget about me…
How long do you suggest I wait for him?
Should I do some spell or something now or later?


Lol no, do not msg him yet.


Here’s a law of power for you,

Make yourself absent long enough to be missed,

but not too little or too long


Definitrly do some divination before you decide to move forward with a spirit or a spell for this. Seems tricky already, but I’m sure you’ll get this thing sorted in due time.


Okay I will do that.

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He told me that what he felt for me was different than anything he felt for even his ex girlfriends…
I don’t know if that was my magick talking or what :smiley:


Careful, don’t fall into a trap.

Give it a couple days, if he doesn’t come around give it a few more.

If nothing, we will do a vodou doll of him lol


Meanwhile can I do something so that I’m on his mind 24/7?
I really don’t want him to forget me.