Did my spell fail?

I just did a love spell yesterday for a girl i like very much at the moment and we became very good friends weirdly quick but she rejected my confession, however she knows i practice witchcraft and said she wants me to do a love spell on her to see what will happen.
I told her I won’t but then she said she’s going on a date with a guy and I got so jealous so fast I changed my mind and did the spell
My after doing my spell I read in tarot a bit and when i asked how our relationship will change in the future I pulled the ace of wands, and it the context with the other cards it read as a new beginning and new love. but today she told me she’s now dating the guy she went on a date with so I’m like what the fuck
But to be fair the spell isn’t exactly finished, the candle didn’t burn out yet so I’m not sure if it failed or I’m just impatient

I think she’s just being mean with you, she wants you to do a love spell on her which is very childish and she’s just trying to tell you she doesn’t believe you can do magick. Don’t think I’m rude, this is my personal point of view. About the spell, what did you exactly do? did you call any spirit to aid you with your spell?. Anyway magick takes time to manifest, don’t lust for results

Yes, “before the candle burns out” might take the record for fastest love spell ever.

Well you know what else is a wand? :eggplant: Seriously she’s getting the D but the cards didn’t say it was yours.

She sounds like she’s thoroughly enjoying a lot of attention, she’s not considering your situation or needs, and she’s going to play fast and lose with whoever lets her get away with it.

You probably can just wait for your turn and the spell will be kicking in about when the novelty wears off on the other guy. But who knows maybe you’ll meet someone before then that doesn’t play games with you either.


you know ill be fair with you you’re the 3rd person now to tell me she just wants attention, so I have to take it seriously now, i just thought there was something more. but i could be wrong
and that’s the problem, i dont want to be just another dick to her i want to be the one, but now i have to ask if the trouble is worth the prize

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not any spirits precisely just the energies around me. i try to do any magick on my energies stand alone. i just used a candle some rose petals cinnamon and rosemary, wrote on a paper what i needed,tied it with red string after folding it 3 times in my direction and spoke my intention to the candle when I burned it.(also burned a heartagram in the flame of the candle) its been 8 hours since I did the spell and the candle is still burning.
she did plainly tell me she doesn’t believe in it, but i refused at first because I knew i didn’t want to just mess around with this. but jealousy got the best of me. and now i’m fucking fuming. i know that if u keep thinking about the spell it’ll most likely not work but i keep thinking about her? and i dont think the spell turned around on me because i made sure my protection were up and solid when i did it

Try inanna apple spell on her. It may Work

She was mocking you.

yea. lost cause. spell finished yesterday and atp im over it. no point

Looks like we’re all wrapped up here, I’ll just close this so the OP doesn’t get pinged in 4 years about it. :slight_smile:

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