Did Lucifuge visit me last night?

I had a dream I was looking at a book and it had a black and white drawing of a figure. I felt the sense of power. The name Lucifuge came into mind and I haven’t done any prior research on him.



what makes you think so? i can have a hard time trusting my intuition

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Yes he is reaching out to you

@bunny4cam why do demons reach out to people?

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Because you are on an occult forum he came to you in a dream and you’ve never looked him up before.
Its very evident lol.

To destroy people’s lives while else? No but seriously its to guide you in ascention. Theyre like parents and coaches. Except much more intense they’ll let you destroy yourself unlike some coaches and parents. Then in 9 months when you realize you sabotaged yourself you gain insight and never do it again.

They wanna see you do your best and succeed and they know what that looks like.

If you say I wanna be a millionaire but are addicted to drugs and have horrible spending habits they’ll make sure you realize quickly how to obtain your goals then you make the choice whether to make them or not.

Thats ironic considering you’re a living god :roll_eyes:
Smh…so much potential.

@Titan.M yeah i thought so too i just needed to hear someones else thoughts. ive only heard his name a few times from this site.

it feels really honoring since he’s one of the higher ranking demons. i wonder what it was that made him feel drawn to me.

lol i have trust issues in general but thanks for sharing the video. im gonna check it out.

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Im sending you a beginners guide to jump start you so youll have no excuse :slight_smile:
Lucifuge is a part of my godform so its only right that I treat you as he would.
Lucifuge is known for handing out huge amounts or power and knowledge :wink:

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@Titan.M appreciate it <3 since he’s reaching out to me, what should I do? i wont be able to do any invocation/evocation soon because i’m still trying to memorize rituals plus balance out my responsibilities :laughing:

and how did he become apart of your god form? :open_mouth:

Two reasons They feel as though they can help you with a situation that you are either facing or going to face soon


He is your gaurdian and is tired of waiting for u to call him

I believe first option but u never know

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Invocations are pretty quick and easy in my experience

You can also throw on his enn while meditating

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