Did King Paimon give me a sign

I evoked King Paimon a bit earlier for the first time. Offered some wine (it was white but all I had really. Truth be told I did not know he preferred red) a piece of Lindt chocolate and a bit of “me”. I lit a dark blue candle and asked if the offerings were ok and the flame shot up. I mean HIGH

I did his enn chant off of a Youtube channel and charged his sigil (this is going somewhere…) read my petion to him and asked for some little signs that he was there and my candle did a bit of a dance.

Now my phone is still open and the videos was stopped but still up on the screen. Know that red bar underneath?? Now I swear I saw that thing turn green for a moment (will that do that or was that really a sign???). I never touched my phone in anyway for it do that. Like restart or move that button in any way. My hands were not anywhere near it. I’m taking it as a "green light’ but wanted to ask if videos bars do sometimes do that on their own. If it is a sign im open and grateful but I may still be a bit distrusting of my own eyes even though im doing my best to move past that. I guess i need to remind myself im not seeing things or going crazy that this really was “unique”


Well from my limited experience with King Paimon, a video chanting his enn started playing while it was on pause among like 5 6 other videos on pause about other things, and I was reading about him and invocations and all.

Later that night I evoked him, and well I felt his presence, and tonight he showed up in my dreams, and I did a tarrot reading from a friend that told me his message.

So I’d take that as a sign :wink:

Ive watched many videos on my phone before and ive never seen or noticed the red bar turning green. I kept watching for it to do it again but did not. Nothing on my phone played or moved otherwise.

I also heard in my head being called “my child”. I mean in pushing 50 here so I wouldn’t “call myself that” lol

Well as per invocations, you always should go from the assumption that they are there and they do hear you

I think King Paimon needs so love, he showed up in my astral travel workings with Lilith and the gatekeepers. I don’t actually know a lot about him so I’m curious that’s its a sign to work with him.

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Could be Him. Be careful, do not give Him blood (or other, umm, bodily substances…if you catch my drift), unless it’s for something serious like a pact. He normally doesn’t ask for that, so if an entity pretends to be Him it will ask for blood or sexual energies pretty early on. Also, King Paimon will never urge you to enter into a pact or something like that, He will take it step by step and will want to see you evolve and learn before reaching the next level. He is very mind-focused and extremely perfectionist, he won’t hand out knowledge just like that, everything must be earned with Him. He is also very prideful (not arrogant) and very kind and understanding with beginners, and will give you time to learn and understand. If you end up working with Him, I wish you all the best, He is awesome and very helpful.

I work with Him a lot and made a thread about the advice He has given me, maybe you will find it useful:


Im going to say yes he was there. I’ve never had those happen like that before so i’m going with it.

Ive read the link and advice and made notes. I want to be sure I do things properly as it sounds like im off to a pretty nice start as I did ask a very small favor and it sounds like it was a good first meet for us. He seemed happy with the offerings I gave (no blood or of the like) and I do want to have a great “bonding” with him and learn as much as I can.

That’s a great attitude, best of luck!

@Lux_Tenebris Well said!

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He likes to drop subtle hints if you catch up on them, and he does wonders.