Did I summon the ghost of the house?

Hi. Not too long ago I was lighting the stones to work with them and I used a ritual from the manuscript. For this ritual a spirit came in the form of a cat with two paws and golden energy. When he wants to eat he taps the glass on the altar. The strange thing is that he only feeds on the energy of fruit and the energy of stones. I am not good at English so I don’t know what your house spirits are called that protect the house and residents but I think you know what I mean. Can it be a spirit of this nature or is it an elemental spirit? Because in addition to sitting on the altar he sometimes lies on my subtle body when I am lying in bed. I will send off a picture of what he looks like. Write down if anyone has worked with spirits of this nature


I dont know, but you seem to be posting a lot of issues that indicate a cleansing and banishing might be in order


I’m not quite sure what you mean


If you mean to make an exorcism or purification. I do regularly after rituals and not only cleansing of the apartment with wormwood and a small pentagram ritual


oh i thought i was replying to one of your other posts. I have not experience any house gods or spirits like that, though I know ancient greek and romans had the concept of those.


Got it. Thanks for your reply :green_heart:


In Celtic lands we call them Hearth goblins aka Hobgoblins (a hob is a stove) and Brownies, and they’re a type of Fae aka Faery aka Fairy being. In Russia these are called Domovoy. In Scandanavia they are the Tomtens. (Gnome plushies are trendy lately, those are derivatives of this old fairy folklore via Garden Gnomes that are statues set to protect the garden)

Interestingly, cats are said to get on very well with house Fae.

I would also wonder if the house just didn’t have an actual cat ghost. Cats are considered to be magickal and able to astral travel and see entities, and some of them hang around after they have left the physical vessel. (Dogs can as well.)

Cat ghosts or more, entities that used to be incarnate as my cats have visited me even after I made sure they were aken care of after passing over. They seem to have a level of control similar to humans in that sense.

Cats are telepathic: work with it by asking it a question in your mind and wait for the answer.


brownies are the ones that leave changelings correct?

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I know that in Russian/Slavic superstitions and folklore, there are house spirits that protect the inhabitants of the home and the home itself. From what I know, they can be short or tall, though their appearances are often short and stout.

Maybe you’ve come upon a spirit like this? If the spirit’s energy isn’t negative, maybe you could try contacting it and asking what’s up

Edit: I commented before I read the other replies. it sounds like the Domovoy


Not the house fae, but there are stories of the hill and sea fae wanting humans to raise their children.

Some of these takes though may be more like a folk way of processing infant sickness, imo. Changelings are described as wizended, thin, dark, wrinkled, bad tempered babies always crying, who can talk like adults. The technique to get rid of them and get your own bonnie, laughing baby back is to perform confusing acts that make them sit up and comment on how weird you’re being :smiley:


I tried to talk to him in the astral, but apparently his level of mind at the level of a 3-5 year old child, so I did not get a clear answer :frowning:

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Hmm, I don’t know if that’s a domovoy then. I would think a house spirit, or one dedicated to the home, would be more put-together.

How’s his energy? Not negative at all or anything? While his answers weren’t clear, what were they, at least? Just goofy childish speak?

He has golden energy. He was playing with my cat in the astral. When I saw it, I was startled, as he was twice the size of my cat (I have a lop-eared Briton adult). I told him not to be naughty and not to pull me out of my body for no reason, but he pretended not to understand what I was talking about

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I gave him milk and chocolate, but he refused to eat it. Then I gave him juice and apples and he took the energy from that food

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I must add that the spirit appeared after an appeal to Helios and the 12 Spirits of the hour.

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I’d say that seems to line up.

Maybe you’ve been given a type of familiar.


This could definitely be it.

@Irina At least you know he’s a fan of juice and apples

Maybe you could try to get him to do something. Like cleanse an area? Just to see where his strengths lie

I’ll give it a try