Did I successfully invoke Sallos?

Hi, I’m new here. Am I supposed to write an introduction here? If so, what do people want to know about me? Just want to make sure I don’t give too much irrelevant detail or too little!

I am well read in metaphysics and consciousness. I have become increasing adept at manifesting over the last couple of years and my readings have taken me to black magic and I feel ready to take thingd to this level.

First time in summoning a demon. I am well practised in meditation and I didn’t use much paraphernalia. My whole body suddenly went freezing cold whilst attempting to invoke Sallos. This was at 4.30pm. Nothing particular happened other than I felt intuitively I was listened to. The following day at around 11am I fell asleep on the sofa and experienced sleep paralysis (I get this every now and then but it is always a known person intruding). Sallos was there this time. He held my hand initially then levitated me in the air and swung me around 4 times which was quite fun and the only time I haven’t been scared during sleep paralysis. I spoke to him, just one word answers from him. I ask if he could arrange what I had asked for he said yes. He wanted sex from me (!). I went along but then I woke up before it started! He appeared very intermittently as a very attractive tall man who had s slight menacing grin and seemed to enjoy testing my reactions mischievously. I believe he is supposed to sit atop a crocodile but I’m sure it was just a man. I’m finding some of the questions I asked hard to recall now. Does this sound like a successful invocation given that it occurred the day after?

Incidentally, I was drawn to Sallos as his personality and preferences of offerings sounded just like me. I felt a strong affinity. Also, one of the most appropriate choices for my request. I read afterwards that my sun and ascendent are in his corresponding deconate, which reassured me I had made the right choice!

Does it make a difference if the object of my desire I have invoked Sallos to help me attract is a practitioner of black magic themselves. I don’t know for a fact that he is but for many reasons there is a quite a strong possibility he is very experienced in the dark arts.

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As for what we’d like to know…

EVERYTHING. :dizzy_face:

Nah just kidding. If you’ve seen the BALG rules, there are some ideas you can drop in your intro:

I guess you’re good to go with those.


Oh my :joy::joy:

Some people know how to shield themselves from this. But I think it doesn’t matter that much.