Did I Make Contact?

Hi, first-time poster here. I have been trying to make contact with King Paimon. I set up a small altar facing westward, I set forth three candles: blue, gold, and purple (to represent myself), I drew his sigil, I set some copper by his sigil, I burned frankincense, offered him candy, tea, and a cigar, and called his enn repeatedly. I thought I could feel a change in the air around me, and I asked if he was there. Suddenly there was a loud, unidentifiable noise in the distance, which I wanted to take as a “yes”.

My concerns are these: I performed this in the daytime in the woods and I was somewhat close to a road and cars kept coming past (though I was out of sight) I worry the noise may have kept him away. I didn’t see anything, but I did feel certain things that made me feel as though I was in his presence. Also, I didn’t get any direct replies to things I asked other than the noise. I asked if he couldn’t help me perfect my arts and teach me magick.

I’m new to magick, so if anyone has any tips or pointers for what I could try, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks and best wishes

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Will do! My bad, didn’t realize

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It’s all good :slight_smile:

To answer your questions, I don’t think the sound of the cars would keep King Paimon away. It would more likely disrupt your state of mind, rather than prevent the demon from coming. People have evoked spirits in the middle of busy streets before, or within large gatherings with no issues.

He most likely was there and heard you, but your senses are not developed enough to hear him.

I have been interrupted in the midst of an evocation by a ringing telephone but the spirit stayed put; it was only my connection that was severed and I had to reestablish it.


First, thank you so much for your reply, its great to get help from people who are experienced in these matters.

I hadn’t actually considered that, but I think is entirely possible that my senses aren’t developed enough to sense him. How can I develop these senses? Do they just develop with time or is there something I can do to progress it? Thanks, again.

It’s not like it is portrayed in Hollywood. Most people cannot sense a spirit right off the bat.

First, you need to be in the proper altered state, what EA and those of us on the forum refer to as the Theta/Gamma Sync or TGS. It is a deep trance state, similar to that state of awareness between waking and sleeping. There are many ways to enter this state,ranging from meditation to binaural beats, and doing a search of the forum will bring up some methods others have found helpful. Try out as many as you can.

You also need to practice structuring, or open eye visualization, to train your mind to create the forms of the spirit you are calling. Opening chakras and energy work is also helpful.

If I were you, I would pick up a copy of EA’s book Evoking Eternity, or Konstantinos’ book Summoning Spirits and practice the exercises therein.

You didn’t mention if you actually opened his sigil or not so to help you get started, read this:


Thank you so much, you’re a a lifesaver my friend. I will certainly take heed of all of this and start practicing so that hopefully I can be closer to King Paimon soon.


It sounds like you made some kind of contact. Very cool! Everything @DarkestKnight said I would second. The only thing I would add to that is meditating every single day, even if you can only swing five minutes before bed or when you first wake up. Experimenting with different types of meditation can also be beneficial.

Good move calling on King Paimon during the day and in the forest, too. I have found that is the best time and place for me when I work with him and a couple other spirits.


These forums are a trove of knowledge, keep on keeping on. Youre not alone in your struggles lol

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I certainly will take your advice on the meditations. I’ve been trying to get into a schedule of meditating but I keep faltering. Time to buckle down! Haha

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