Did I just mess up? (Dare to keep silent)

Long story short I just showed someone my alter and the sigils of spirits on it/my supplies, should I be worried or do anything? I talked about one working I did which came to pass AWHILE ago too but since it came to pass it’s fine I think… Right? They weren’t really into my practice but rather a very christian-influenced version of spirituality (specifically around disliking demons and ‘negative vibes’ (totally fine if that’s how you operate though but I have different beliefs)) and I just wanted to add my two cents/experiences

It’s a bit early to say. You trusted them enough to have them in your house, and show them your stuff for a reason I hope.

It depends on their personality and whether they’ll live and let live, badmouth you behind your back, pray for you and magickally attack you that way, cut off contact and forget you, the options are many.

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The only thing I can think would be messed up would be your relationship. And I’m not sure, depends on who you are to them above all I think. I would only really ever allow my SO around my ritual things intentionally I think. And while I brag to Christians about my practice, it’s mostly to weed out people I don’t want/need in my life.

If they’re a true friend though, everything should be fine. Otherwise, they only wanted you near to see if they could “save you.” (My perspective.)