Did I invite/vampirise someone?

Supposedly, at one point in Qliphoth, one gains vampiric abilities, and this is something I’m still wrapping my head around in terms of how it works. I will explain my experience, and people can add or explain what is happening. Regardles of outcome I see this as a learning experience. I recently connected with a man I felt a liking for. It was almost intuitive how I could hook into his mind subconsciously. We talked and texted back and forth for a few days until one evening, something cracked, and the energies just flowed high. He opened up and greatly exalted how unique, amazing, and beautiful I am to him and different from anyone he has ever met that he adores me. He also said, I’m so “badass” and that he’s a “good man,” as if he thinks he’s too sweet for me. I can also be adorable, but that sweetness becomes much sweeter if you learn to be sneaky in a vampiric way. I can feel he is a sweet and lovely man with great potential in life. I fantasized about turning him into a vampire even though I don’t even know how it works precisely.
We continued the exchange, and I felt a high by charming him, challenging him, and imagining seeing and feeling him sexually; in the high, I got him to say outloud to accept me…
The day after, I could feel a tingling arousal when I knew he was thinking about our interaction. We haven’t even met physically. But did I just vampirize him? I suppose there are different forms of vampirism. I mean him no harm. I was trying to have an exciting, intimate interaction and exercise my abilities. However, I woke up with pain and heat in all my joints and felt almost sickly tired. Maybe I’m just sick, or can this be because of our interaction/vampirism? I had some strange dreams about us and my previous counterparts that have helped to turn and raise me. I also heard him contemplating in the dream state that couldn’t forsake his family; he would lose everything if he were to explore me. I then discovered that he was unavailable in real life, which he hadn’t told me.
Regardless of that, some invitation must have been sent out.
Now he has pulled away, and I guess I’m energetically waiting for him to accept the invitation; if he does, I might be raising him? Unless he declines, will that mean my energy body will consume him/his evolutionary potential? I have done this unknowingly to people in the past, and their lives have fallen apart and will probably stay that way until they do right. I don’t want to hurt this man, though, but the forces of nature don’t seem to care. I would the like the best for him. Maybe I was just supposed to fire him up with some Black Flame and then disappear from his life; I don’t know, but our connection felt a little faded. I don’t do this or give my energy to people I don’t really like or see something great in.

ALL humans can absorb energy from external sources including other humans, animals, storms, malls, gatherings… it’s nonsense that you can’t, all you have to do it try and it’s fairly easy. Doing it with any strength takes practice.

It doesn’t, this is romantic fiction not real, and real energy working is just energy working, practiced for over 10,000 years. “vamping” is basically a very narrow application of energy working.

Some people call these “cords”. Nothing to do with whether you take energy or not. All humans are slightly telepathic and can develop the skill is they practice. You are practicing a form of telepathy where you are also connecting into the sexual energy, it’s normal for humans to do this and part of how we are a social species. We are open to those we are comfortable with and our exchanges are far more than just words, body language and pheromones.

Doesn’t sound like it. More likely he’s pushing that to you as he’s the yang one, and you as yin want to receive. This is natural and not the same as stealing energy to feed yourself parasitically.

Intention is everything, so this is critical. You can take energy by accident but it’s consensual. A person who’s down in can meet up with friends, and automatically these friends give energy to boost them. I’ve done this. I needed it then and I would return it in my turn, friends do that for friends. It doesn’t have to be always so fear based and antagonistic.

Sounds like a good verification that your UPG is on track. It sounds like he’s married to my mind.

No. Any energy he gives you (as you have not at any point intended to steal it, but you accepted it freely given) is easily replaceable. It was probably excess energy raised from the sexual excitement, and that’s a strong source.

Qi is sentient and goes where it needs to, do not fear, as what you fear is what you manifest.

Who knows, maybe. People meet online all the time and it works out or it doesn’t, usually it doesn’t. I wouldn’t put too much energy into it from here, it sounds like he only wanted something light hearted and online knowing he’s not emotionally available for reasons of his own. It’s might have got a bit hot and heavy sooner than he thought and he’s backing off to avoid making drama because he knows he’s not up for more.

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Thank your answering!
I realized some things about initiation after I wrote this with from some detail from me and his interaction. I probably did invite him to be initiated. We may not see eye to eye on that one but what is UPG?

There is no absolute right or wrong answer in this the way I see it, but I do understand and accept if he declines because of his family/marriage. Chaotic energies can start to affect surroundings from my experience despite what some here may believe, if he gets into the path. And without me as bride he may not have enough protection so its better to back off completely.

But I’m glad to hear I wasn’t stealing energy or harming him in some way. I also think and sense that he and his family is christian and traditional. I feel he has untapped charismatic gifts (in Christan language), and I know he is destined for this, but perhaps not for now. There is usually a difference between vampiric and charismatic spiritual gifts, one can have both, but usually not, that’s rare. My intention was to initiate him into his own currency, not under certain vampiric spirits or myself.


I woke up tonight and sensed that it’s been accepted. I suppose things will unfold on its own from now in the way its meant to play out. I’ve caught a cold, possibly COVID, and he broke a limb today, but he mentioned that he trusts me in handling this. I have experienced similar situations before and I’m familiar with the energies, but I genuinely don’t want anyone to be seriously hurt, especially the children and the family.

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