Did I have something to do with the coronavirus

Going through my old posts and I saw this.

Check the date.

Not trying to brag or call myself a supreme Lord of All Evil or some such nonsense, just looking for opinions.

Is it possible that Nergal answered me by creating the outbreak? If so, then DAMN, talk about badass results.

Regardless, hail to Nergal for his work in my life.

It’s unlikely you had anything to do with it. This isn’t the first time the corona virus had an outbreak.


But regardless, it’s cool that you found that connection


Try recalling it.

Hail Nergal!
So did a few of your lemmings jump or no?

Lots of us tapped into this. It is bigger than the individual, we were pulled to it. My fault may not be as blatant as yours but no doubt I had a hand too, as Im sure many other magicians and “normal” folk did as well.

Makes me think of the months I spent daily evoking a great storm of chaos above earth. And other things ofc…


The only thing I see is your ego in that screenshot. :wink:

You didn’t cause this COVID outbreak by doing what you did. That’s pure fantasy.


That’s closer to the truth, according to Abraham.

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I’ve gone from suicidal to having a big ego.

I’ll take that as compliment.


Oh, yeah. In fact, one dude had a violent outburst and attacked a coworker. He wasn’t sure why he did it but he was fired for it.

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I had a similar thought. I wanted something bad to happen so that I could get out of doing something I had to do. Coronavirus cancelled that event.

I think I just knew that the event wasn’t supposed to be.

That sounds like Nergal :slight_smile:

Yeah, I often wonder if the virus played into all the stuff I have been asking about, make people buckle down, quit treating others as moral authorities and get serious about fixing shit while making a living.

There’s a difference between a healthy ego, and an overblown ego. :wink:

Maybe do some ego work? Lucifer can help in that respect. Just a friendly suggestion, because I know what it can be like being suicidal and the associated recovery process. I also know what it’s like having an overblown ego, although I don’t usually suffer from that.

To be honest, I think Lucifer needs work on his own ego as well. If you want to stick with the Goetia I would recommend working with President Buer. He teaches natural and moral philosophy, logic and the virtues of all herbs and plants.

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I don’t see the point in that. I know a great deal about plants and growing them, communing with them, and how to use many herbs.

My ego is a little inflated, but I just had a reality check.

I need to do a LOT of shadow work…

The journey never ends. Just because Lucifer showed me His light doesn’t mean that the shadows are gone.

Part of that means confronting myself about several things.

Please lock this thread, it serves no further use and I had an amazing revelation. Thanks to all who commented. Darkest blessings.


Hey so

The entirety of your life is fated out, this is a shift in the entire being of our…

Fate. Fate is what we this, and it’s oversimplified but that’s because the process is infinitely complex, and EVERYONE is involved. Literally everyone. It’s the most complex process ever.

In short, you are the corona virus, and everything else that exists and you act as a whole. You are seeking individuality in physical form.

Makes sense? Basically you were supposed to want this, the sickness.

I believe you can understand the rest

Those in charge came up with this idea of releasing this virus long Long before you Did your plague workings

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It does not exist to play not all of your actions, you do have free will. The however, it knows the choices you’re going to make. This flow knows it all. You are free, and this force is the Creator’s creation’s… Self management. This is just its self governing qualities.