Did I do this?

Ok, so a long time ago when I was on my bus from school heading home we got in a reck. before the reck, I was thinking about that I was so short that I was even shorter than an elementary student. I was jealous of the student for being so tall while being so young. Then next the reck happened. A man in a truck was coming fast up a hill while we were on the other side, so he didn’t see us. After he collided into the side of the bus, he rolled a little bit further on. the only person to get hurt on the bus was the student. she didn’t get hurt too bad only on her neck. On the other hand, the man in the truck smashed his leg, unfortunately.
Now my question is if I did this? If I did then how?
Also, how would I go about identifying whether I did this or not?

The mind is a powerful thing I’ll tell you that it depends on what exact thoughts u had such as them getting hurt or something
In a way I know how you feel when I was younger n I’d cry it rained so I thought I was like storm for a while (r.I.p Stan lee) but I know now I indeed cause those rainy stormy days because of master Furfur
If you have a guardian demon they know what you think n feel so some times may act on their own accord so saying u were mad cause every one was taller making u feel left out right could have made your guardian mad n cause the wreck trust me this is just a theory but may not b Tokyo far fetch or off from the truth

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I wouldn’t think so, it’s a big deal to have a crash over such a small thing, and all the other people’s energies would have had to play into it as well. It’s not impossible, but it doesn’t really sound like you were building up a lot of emotional charge about it to put into a ‘I don’t care just hurt them NOW!’ type working anyway.

On the other hand, a long neck in a crash is a liability because it’s got more leverage and/or she was probably too tall for the headrests to do their job properly.


She doesn’t have a long neck. It’s average. I wouldn’t say I got emotional about it. I didn’t care if they got hurt either( I’m like that sadly).

Right, so why would you think you did something you put zero effort and more importantly, intention, into achieving, against the wishes of a busload of other people who would rather not be in an accident?

You don’t seem to need help with any guilt factor, but then I don’t think you deserve any credit either. Shit happens just as easily without you.

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i was just curious so i asked. wouldn’t you be curious if the only person to get hurt in an accident was the person you were jealous of?

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Yes but it goes both way it could have just been a coincidence or maybe you could have possible made it happen u never really know things just happen

true, that is why i’m asking for a way to identify if i actually did this, so i wont have to ask these questions anymore.

Like I told u u will probably never really know unless it happens again do what most comic book hero’s do n take some time to see if u can make something move lol funny but that how u will know for sure

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Also train your mind any way I think u will find out things u never knew about yourself before

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